Hero MotoCorp wants to launch three new electric two-wheelers within the next year to speed up its electrification journey, according to company CEO Niranjan Gupta.

The brand, which just debuted its new performance bike MAVRICK 440, is also increasing manufacturing to 10,000 units per month to accommodate demand for motorbikes in the sector.

“In FY25, we will launch electric scooters in the mid-price and economy segments to extend our Vida range,” Gupta said during an interview on the sidelines of the Hero World 2024 event here.

He went on to say, “We will be launching another electric two-wheeler in the B2B last mile delivery segment, which is a big segment,” he went on to say.

On the potential of selling electric bikes through the company’s partnership with California-based Zero Motorcycles, he stated that it would take some time because the market in India is still emerging and pricey.

However, he stated that the partnership’s technology would be utilized to produce electric bikes for mainstream markets in the future.

To enhance EV sales, Gupta stated that the business has extended Vida availability to 100 cities as of last week and would expand to 100 additional locations over the coming year.

Hero MotoCorp would also open Vida-exclusive small outlets, he noted.

On the recently announced MAVRICK 440, he stated that the firm is also trying to strengthen its position in the premium sector, where it also distributes Harley-Davidson’s HD440X.

Gupta stated that the firm has been increasing output, which has reached 6,000 units per month. Going ahead, it will achieve 10,000 units every month by March of this year.

He stated that HD440X had initially received 25,000 orders and had added 5,000 units to the order book.

The MAVRICK 440 enters the premium market, which is presently led by Royal Enfield.

Hero MotoCorp’s marketing plan for 2024 comprises the following:

Hero MotoCorp wants to launch its VIDA V1 electric scooter series in Spain, France, and the United Kingdom by mid-2024. In addition, the business plans to extend its premium ICE motorbike and scooter lineup across Europe.

Hero MotoCorp will begin commercial operations in the UK in mid-2024.

Launching a 440cc model: Hero MotoCorp wants to launch a 440cc model this quarter to take a greater portion of the higher premium sector.

Hero MotoCorp’s CEO, Niranjan Gupta, has a daring policy of frequent product introductions.

Niranjan Gupta, CEO of Hero MotoCorp, has an ambitious vision that includes an aggressive push into electric vehicles.