HealthPresso, a fast-growing healthtech startup, will raise $1 million in a pre-Series A funding round. This is, of course, a strategic development aimed at powering its growth and expansion as it taps into the potentials of AI in innovating communication and engagement in healthcare.


PC: Viestories

Founded by Daleep Manhas and Dr. Swadeep Srivastava, HealthPresso has traversed a long journey since its inception. The startup deploys its AI Engine, HumetaTM, to help relations between healthcare providers in public relations, regulatory compliance, and physician engagement. It was designed to help ease and bring improved communication in the healthcare sector in general, individual doctors, hospitals, healthcare brands, PR/media agencies, etc.

It’s the HealthPresso way of providing bespoke, AI-powered solutions to unique needs facing its clients. Optimization of healthcare communications to be effective and engaging  implies this. Indeed, such groundbreaking strategies have already attracted a modern health tech firm that adopted HealthPresso for its exclusive communication needs.

A pre-Series-A raise will catapult money to scale up the operations and service offerings of HealthPresso. Helped by this new capital, the plan of the startup will be positioned toward improving technological capability and expanding the reach in multiple markets. Further, with offices in Delhi, Singapore, Canada, and Bengaluru, HealthPresso is all geared up to leverage a growing team of 15 professionals for further growth.

Elated over the funding round, Co-Founder & CEO Daleep Manhas and Founder & Chief Belief Officer Dr. Swadeep Srivastava pointed to the huge interest shown by the investor community. According to them, that came from the realization that HealthPresso is a company with huge potential because of its AI engine and large distribution network. That interest has been interpreted as belief in HealthPresso’s business model and its potential for changing healthcare communication.

Three-member strong, the HealthPresso journey has evolved into one of the fasting-growing startups, scaling operations and workforce. Its growth trajectory mirrors the fast-rising demand for new inventive healthtech solutions that can help resolve some of the really complex challenges facing the healthcare sector presently. Combining artificial intelligence with sophisticated content strategies is the way HealthPresso is going to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals manage their communications and engage audiences.

This focus, of course, lies particularly at the area of compliance for the startup. With its solutions, HealthPresso empowers healthcare providers to find their way around ragingly regulated industries in ensuring patients’ safety and data privacy. The communications are, therefore, very effective but most of all, compliant with very stringent regulatory standards.

This further proves the programmability of HealthPresso toward its clientele base—with hospitals, healthcare brands, and media agencies all in one place. Its services are designed in a modular form and are supposed to scale and be adaptive enough to suit the goal of service use for the different stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem.

The new funding round will be important in shaping the fate of HealthPresso. In a nutshell, this added capital will help synchronize growth, enhance services, and give shape to the stand for health tech. An added advantage, through the kind of support from investors, broadly outlines the never-thought-before kinds of solutions that HealthPresso could bring to the table and its potential to make a difference in healthcare communication.

In a nutshell, $1 million pre-Series A funding has been positioned to drive HealthPresso in the next phase of growth. On the path of further innovation and market reach, HealthPresso is surely heading toward becoming one of the moot giants in healthtech, leading change in healthcare communication and engagement with the help of cutting-edge AI technology.