The company will compensate for global deficiency by taking advantage of Harsha Bhogle’s followers and insubstantial grasp of cricket as part of the deal. Statistics show, that a person stays on that site a little bit more than five minutes daily, or 4.9 hours weekly. Women are represented only in 19% of the whole universe of Hitwicket users

Harsha Bhogle

Harsha Bhogle, the Indian cricket analyst, who heads the Indian Premier League has now made his strategic investment heading the online gaming currency company – Hitwicket, which is a cricket game based application.

Bhogle’s investment does not only round up the $3million funding that was led by Prime Venture Partners in 2022 but also deepens our range of investors.

The plan includes Bhole’s use of his immense cricketing knowledge and popularity to uplift Hitwicket’s worldwide exposure( ads). That’s where the deal comes to play. It is expected to take the company to 50 million downloads in the next two years. These will translate from the total of more than 5 million that has happened so far.

Hitwicket was set rung in 2015 by Keyti Singh and Kashyap Reddy. Their backbone venture has been a strategy-based virtual multiplayer mobile cricket game. This app, among other things, provides statistics using AI and big data to catch user’s interest and attention. It is compatible with both iOS and Apple stores. It is an app through which the players act as an owner, manager or coach of a cricket team. .

In an exclusive conversation with Inc42, Hitwicket CEO and cofounder Reddy observed that Bhogle will take the mantle of a strategic investor and work to implement the efficient future content marketing strategies.

The series will have the involvement of Hitwicket and Bhogle in the creation of social media videos that will culminate in this part of funding. Reddy, who states that number similar content will include Bhogle’s analysis of classic cricket game squads along with match plays.

A key finding is that the main character will be weaved into the game, whereby those players could use their strategies to impact the game.

Commenting on the venture, the experienced pundit stated, “I’m delighted to join Hitwicket as an investor and contribute to the advancement of mobile cricket gaming… I’m excited about Hitwicket’s potential to be the ‘Made in India’ cricket game that connects India with the rest of the world and raises the country’s profile in mobile cricket gaming.”

The game is still gaining a lot of popularity in the interim. According to the firm, users of the online gaming platform spend an average of 4.9 hours per week using the app. With women accounting for one-fifth of its user base, Hitwicket claims to have players in 109 countries. Its top four markets are India, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

“Hitwicket has managed to create a gateway for American audiences to understand the sport as they have grown 2X in the last 3 months in the market, with 40% of the users experiencing cricket for the very first time,” the company stated in a statement.

Hitwicket has raised approximately $4 million in funding and is supported by investors including Shead Investment, TicketGoose, and Prime Venture Partners.

It is worth noting that this isn’t Bhogle’s first investment in an Indian firm. In the past, he invested in fantasy sports platform Fantasy Akhada in 2020 and then backed another online game firm,, in January 2023.