We’re in the era where everything is available in no time by just using the internet. A mobile device is capable of ordering food, getting domestic help and bringing home a pet. However, was finding tutors possible online? The answer is a big no consider parents want to ensure their child is getting the best attention and learning. Also, the process of finding the right tutor at a convenient time is a tedious process. But, now GuruQ does it for you.
On the other hand, the Indian education system is presented with various flaws. Education in India is still rigid, based on textbooks and will serve no good use to students who will step into their professional lives in the near future. Technology is rapidly transforming jobs and students in India will lose out as they are not being trained to be technologically savvy or to think outside the classroom. If relevant skills are not being imparted to them via education, how will they be able to apply it in their careers?
A platform like GuruQ seeks to remedy the flaws in the education system by enabling students to connect with qualified, certified and vetted tutors who can make the entire learning process wholesome and interesting by focusing on the strengths, weaknesses, and IQs of each individual student. Students gain a firm understanding of subjects where every doubt is cleared and every concept is explained in detail. A tech-driven education that goes beyond the textbook will allow our students to compete globally and succeed.
GuruQ offers tuition for students from kindergarten to class 12 for the CBSE and CISCE Boards via both online and offline mode. While tuition via online mode is offered PAN India, the offline mode is presently offered to students in the selected parts of India. The platform offers tuition for all subjects of the arts, humanities and science streams. Tuition for foreign languages such as French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, Russian as well as tuition for entrance exams such as SSC, Medical Entrance and Engineering Entrance are also available.
What distinguishes GuruQ from others is the ‘quality and safe learning environment’ that they guarantee the students after putting tutors through a stringent five-step vetting process. The tuitions are offered at affordable prices and begin at just Rs 200/- per hour. However, our biggest USP would be the fact that we provide tutors to students based on demographics and vicinity.
The process of finding a suitable tutor can be fulfilled in just three easy steps. You can enter your learning need and find all the relevant top tutors that match your requirement. The platform allows you to compare the shortlisted tutors based on their qualification and experience and students/parents’ ratings & reviews. Lastly, you can select the best tutor and choose the right tuition package to customize as per your learning need. The major advantages of online coaching classes are that it allows students to do their course work at their own time and pace. Online tuitions also transcend borders and bring students and tutors from different, otherwise inaccessible geographies on a common platform. It enables students to get personalized attention from the tutor of choice, study better and stay focused whilst saving travel time.
GuruQ is an aggregator of highly qualified tutors who are capable of coaching the students by focusing on their individual needs. Around 40,000 tutors are registered with GuruQ as of now. The startup provides an on-demand tutor feature which allows students to select tutors based on several parameters such as subject matter expertise, budget, tutor rating and feedback, and reviews among others. The students can also opt for another tutor in case they are not satisfied with their existing tutor.
The COVID-19 outbreak has brought unprecedented times and has changed the way businesses, education, and offices operate in the country. With the new normal characterized with digitization, the EdTech sector has especially seen a huge growth amid the pandemic. According to a report by BARC India and Nielsen, the country has recorded a 30 percent rise in the time spent on education apps since the lockdown. Accelerated digitization in the education space has opened up opportunities for startups to disrupt the EdTech sector and bring in new innovations.
Founded in 2017 by brother and sister – Minal Anand and Jai Karan Anand, the startup allows tutors from across the country to provide tailor-made classes to students. Realising the growing opportunity in edtech, GuruQ launched its mobile app in February 2020.
“With GuruQ, we are trying to bring a fresh perspective on education and find innovative ways of teaching via certified and qualified tutors to give our students a winning edge,” adds Minal.
With the GuruQ platform, students are given different ways to find tutors as per their exact requirements. Since students today are pressed for time, we help them save it by providing tuitions completely at their convenience. Students can personalize their tuitions classes with respect to the mode of class (offline or online), type of class (individual or group) and budget. They can select a tutor and book classes at short notice and/or even booking them with selected tutors by the hour for special needs such as revision and exam preparation. Even parents can keep track of their child’s progress online and seek feedback when they want to. GuruQ strives to become the leading aggregator of tutors (individual or entities) and tuition services in India. Our focus will always be to assure our leaners of the highest quality, standards, reliability and safety.
Something that sets this platform apart from the rest is how they accommodate different student learning pace. The grasping power of the students varies from one another and GuruQ understands this and their tutors alter their teaching methods, depending upon the need of the students. GuruQ tutors provide one-on-one classes to students where they decide what, when, where, how and from whom they want to study. With the introduction of NEP, students have to be taught in their regional language. GuruQ has certified tutors who teach not only in English or Hindi but also in their regional languages.
Instant Class is an attractive feature of the app which is handy when students have queries or doubts. The option allows to book an instant class with the current tutor which is conducted within a timeframe of six hours. The revamped platform also has an upgraded Dashboard where students and tutors can find everything in one place including managing classes, timetables, assignments, notes tests, report cards, etc.
With the new features garnering a great response, GuruQ is already in the process of developing its second phase of upgrades for the platform. The upcoming phase is scheduled to include public or private group class, expanded workspace option for students and tutors to exchange notes and assignments with each other, Report cards based on the results generated from tests, a system of Q Points and listings of coaching institutes/centers, along with many more in the pipeline.
“Any entrepreneur needs to have 100 reasons why their idea is better than everyone else’s. And if you can come up with that list, then you’ve got 99 percent of your problems solved. The second thing they need to have is perseverance. Not every day is going to be a good day. You have to work toward your goal and believe in it. And put in the work, otherwise it’s not going to happen”, concludes Minal.