Remember the time when childhood was filled with high spirits, relaxing weekends and the usual stroll to the playgrounds?

Well! Time does pass, but our memories tend to reside within us.

Another key aspect of childhood was the flavor of consumable knick knacks. Chewing gum has been a huge part of our childhood and we loved cherishing those moments. But looking into the data, chewing gums are usually made of plastic and pose a major environmental risk. To evolve the chewing gum market, Gud Gum has emerged with a biodegradable chewing gum made from tree sap.

Gud Gum is India’s first natural chewing gum with no artificial flavor and sweetener.
The team of Gud Gum shares that chewing gum has been a likable product for consumers of all ages. And Gud Gum’s pathway to offer plastic free chewing gums marks monumental steps towards sustainability.

Founder of Gudgum

(Mayank and Bhuvan in the photo. Founder of Gudgum)

The success story of Gud Gum dates back to when the experience of chewing gum met the reality of being made of plastics. This turned into a wake up call to stop having unhealthy chewing gum in 2010. But Gud Gum evolved after being strategized as a gum, made of a special tree sap from a plantation, which was also helping with the livelihoods of tribal families.

The first phase of the product was circulated during lockdown among 300 members within friends and family. After noting insightful feedback, Gud Gum started operating from a 1 BHK apartment, clocking a revenue of about Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 3 lakh per month, In the second year of operation, Gud Gum successfully got incubated by NCRCEL in IIMB, where the company received several grants to bolster production.
When Gud Gum got featured in Shark Tank, the sales and operation went through the roof for the innovative business model and product of Gud Gum. What initially started as just 2 members in production evolved into a strong team of 14 individuals.

Reviews from many people who love gud gum

(Reviews from many people who love gud gum)

When it comes to the educational background of the founders, Mayank studied M.Sc in Food Production Management from University of Nottingham, UK and B.E in Chemical Engineering from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore. On the other hand, Bhuvan studied BBA from Christ University, Bangalore. With a focus on sustainability, Gud Gum wants to express a positive impact with healthy chewing gums. Plastic chewing gums have the tendency to enter our digestive system from the oral cavity. But Gud Gum contains xylitol which is better for our teeth as it prevents cavities. The product is also kid friendly. The company has served about 40,000 customers and offers 9 tasty flavors for the diverse market.