Google first announced this feature at Google I/O 2021.

According to reports, Google Assistant in Chrome can now automatically change your stolen passwords. The search engine giant first announced this feature at Google I/O 2021. Google stated at the time that this feature would be released gradually for Chrome on Android in the United States. Screenshots of this new security feature are said to have leaked on Twitter. According to Google, this feature makes use of its ‘Duplex on the Web’ technology, which was originally used to automate time-consuming tasks like booking movie tickets online.

According to images tweeted by tipster Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach), Google Assistant on Chrome would display a prompt asking for permission to change your password automatically. If it detects that the password you just used was leaked as a result of a data breach, it will display this prompt. It will then prompt you for confirmation before changing your password. You will then be transferred to the affected website, where you can enter a new password or use the password suggested by Chrome’s password manager. For the time being, this feature appears to be limited to a few sites.

As previously stated, Google announced this feature at the Google I/O event in 2021. With Duplex technology, you can change your password with a single tap. The company also stated that you can go through the entire process manually or jump in at any point during the process.

Google recently released Web Store badges for Chrome. This step was taken to assist you in identifying and installing Chrome extensions from trusted sources. Chrome Web Store extensions now display a Featured badge or an Established Publisher badge. It should be noted that these badges are not available for purchase by developers. They will only be able to receive it after submitting a request and being verified.