The UK has some of the world’s renowned colleges and universities. Over the years, many universities have been established and created a well known name world wide. The United Kingdom offers one of the best education and academics for the students in different fields. With experienced mentors, teachers, academic subject specialists, the universities have a robust and  senior team for the students. Among these colleges and universities one of them is Goldsmiths College.

This article will let you know a deep insight of the college and related information.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • College Insider
  • Departments
  • Ranking
  • Scholarship
  • Student’s Life
  • Mission and Values
  • Academic Partnerships
  • Goldsmith Research Online
  • Statistics
  • Short Term Courses
  • Services for Businesses
  • Events



Established in 1891 as The Goldsmith’s Technical and creative Institute in London. After acquisition by University of London in 1904, it was renamed as Goldsmiths college. With an endowment of $3.19 million in 2021 and Budget of around $126.44 million in 2021, it has been ranked as one of the top colleges in the world. It is one the recognized colleges in the field of Media and Communication and has brought many significant changes and development in terms of education, technology, campus for the betterment of the students.

Goldsmiths College

College Insider

Building Architect

The college is situated in New Cross with a beautiful design and arts scene on the walls.

The main building of the college , Richard Hoggart building, was built as a school at the inception in 1844. Hall used for academic conferences and seminars was acquired in 1998 which was formerly Deptford Town Hall Building. The library building known as the Rutherford Building is a three story building built in a large area and offers millions of books, novels and covers for the students. The third floor of the library building is believed to be the largest room for audio-visual material in the UK.

The professor Stuart Hall Building is home to the Media and Communication department. 

Building Architect -Goldsmiths College


The college offers different programs for the students in various fields. In 2006, the college was best known as a teacher training institution of the country. The college offers certificates and degrees in the field of arts, science, sociology, cultural studies, computing, music, anthropology and nursing. Each field has its own separate department managing the operations of their respective programs. In total it offers around 183 graduate programs and 76 undergraduate programs for both national and international students.


  • Art: The head of the department is Richard Nobel. The college offers a significant and well organised arts stream. Students can pursue the programs in the field with the experienced mentors and best practical exposure. 
  • Computing: The department allows the students to develop their skills in the industry and learn well versed computing skills with the best experienced teachers from the top universities. It Includes, Computer games Art and Design, Computational programs, Data Science, User Experience Engineering.
  • Sociology: It includes Nirmal Puwar, Les Back, Yasmin Gunartnam, Vikki Bell and Paul Stoneman.
  • Design : The department approach to design practice grew from a concern for the ethical environment. 
  • Cultural Studies: Media and Communication department with Centre of CUltural studies.
  • Music: Offers a unique space for the music pursuing students to gain the knowledge of the field and learn from the industry top and experienced mentors.


Goldsmith has been ranked as the 70th best college in the UK and ranked 61th by Times national ranking of universities in the UK. In 2017, the college was named second best college in the field of Media and Communications.

Goldsmiths College Ranking


The college offers different scholarship programs for the students. Major scholarship is offered to the international students to promote more international students to enrol for admission to the college apart from the national one. 

Few of the scholarships programs offered by the college for International Students include:

  • Scholarships for International Response: This scholarship offers an incentive of around 11,400 GBP which involves a full time tuition cost remission for the academic year. Under this two international students are selected from the graduation and undergraduate program each year. 
  • Goldsmiths International Scholarships: An incentive of around 2000-5000 GBP is offered under this, for enrolling in post graduation and undergraduate programs. Under this around 35 scholarships are awarded each year by the college.

Student’s Life

Apart from the best education and academic offering, Goldsmith also offers varieties of social gathering and activities for the students which include, sports club, social clubs. All these activities of sports and tradition are organised by the students union of the college, known as  Goldsmiths Student’s Union. The union runs and organises around 35 societies and 18 sports clubs. Apart from the sports and clubs it also offers clinical , medical, catering, academic advice, welfare activities facilities for the students. College has a history of student media platforms which includes Smiths Magazine, Leopard newspaper, Wired Radio.

Further, student housing has been offered through 7 different accommodation halls which includes Town Hall Camberwell, Quantum Court, Surrey House, Raymont Hall, Loring Hall, Ewen Henderson Court, Chesterman House.

Goldsmiths College Student’s Life

Mission and Values

The Goldsmiths college is the leading college in research and high quality teaching. 

The college has a mission to offer a transformative experience, generating knowledge and stimulating self-discovery through creative, radical and intellectually rigorous thinking and practise.

The college govern with their values : 

Achieving academic excellence: The college operates with an aim and value of providing the best education to the student with ensuring the qualitative education.

Radical and innovative thinking

Respecting the individual

Promoting access and diversity

Supporting our students and staff

Creating change, loyalty and globally 

With these core values goldsmiths are bringing the values in their students and crafting a better future for the upcoming generations.

Academic Partnerships

The college has partnered with many institutions and organisations to enhance the quality of education and other services offered to the students. Some of the major academic partnership of goldsmiths are: 

LASALLE: One of the leading tertiary institutions in complementary arts and design education and practice. 

Miriam College: A Philippines based college partnered to create an innovative post graduation program for students in philippines.

Athens Conservatoire, College of Music: One of the oldest educational institutions in arts in modern Greece.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University: China’s most prestigious institutions for higher education.

Nordoff Robbins: One of the largest music therapy charities in the UK.

Goldsmiths College - Students' Union

Goldsmiths Research Online

Goldsmiths Research Online or GRO is a repository of the college’s research publications and other related research. It keeps the records and holding of all the collection of the college’s research, journals, conference proceedings. 


More than 10000 students in the FY 2019-20. With 6500 under graduates and remaining post graduates. Out of the total students 67% are female students and around 33 % are male. This depicts that the majority of the students are females. 

Talking about the geographical stats, 72% students are from the United Kingdom, around 9% are from the EU and 19% International. 

Around 86% students enrolled for full time courses and 14% for part time courses.

Short Courses

Along with the full time undergraduate and postgraduate courses the college also offers shorter time courses for the students. It includes public speaking with the industry expert, Academic writing, psychological research, Art Courses.

Services for Businesses

Goldsmith along with the best academic programs for the students also offers a variety of innovative and impactful services to the businesses and organisations. The college offers research expertise to local businesses, companies and large organisations.


University conducts various events and programs throughout the year for the students.It includes many educational seminars, cultural programs, festivals, art activities, competitions, International days. The college also organises exhibitions to offer the student a place to demonstrate their art and skills. Recently in the month of Nov 23 the college has organised many exhibitions. 


Goldsmiths has been serving in the field of higher education for more than 200 years.University of London is the parent organisation of the college.In 1792, Counter Hill Academy was opened in  a house in New Cross. Later, the Royal Naval School bought the academy building. In 1891, the Naval school was acquired by the Worshipful Company of goldsmiths as The Goldsmiths Company’s Technical and Recreative Institute. With the deep roots of more than 200 years Goldsmiths is creating values for the students and the society.

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