The idea for the AI-powered app was set in place when the founders, Mac and Sahil, realized the need to educate people that fad diets, supplements, trending fitness regimens and medicines are not good to achieve a healthy body and mind, but a holistic lifestyle change is required.

FITELO: Weight Loss, Nutrition & Diet Planning by NG Fitness & Nutrition

Since Mac and Sahil had individually undergone impressive physical transformations, they understood first-hand what those who embark on a weight-loss journey go through. Combining their personal experiences, Mac and Sahil launched Fitelo in 2019. Since then, the app has grown considerably. Headquartered in Mohali, Punjab, Fitelo has a team of over sixty doctors, nutritionists, lifestyle experts, and fitness coaches. Till date, Fitelo has served 17,000+ clients from across the globe.

Sahil and Mac recognized the biggest problem for most people was not losing weight but maintaining it and leading a healthy lifestyle. Fitelo helps with this by focusing primarily on building healthy habits. The team of experts at Fitelo provide their clients customized diet and workout plans based on their fitness goals.

Fitelo’s client base includes children as young as 8 years old, as well as senior citizens. Apart from regular weight maintenance, Fitelo also offers a ‘disease management’ option. Through this option, the team has helped hundreds of clients suffering from diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, and other lifestyle diseases live better lives. Apart from India, Fitelo’s services are increasingly popular in several countries abroad. The team has worked with clients from Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. The results experienced by their clients helped Fitelo organically increase its client base.

Weight loss becomes effortless when it is integrated with daily life. Through the app, Fitelo allows clients to interact with their personal counselors at their convenience without having to make an appointment or physically visit their office. Clients have direct access to experts in the field of health and fitness.

Fitelo Team

The AI-enabled platform assigns a health coach to every client based on their evaluation and health goals. By tracking their progress and regularly consulting their assigned specialists, clients can understand what works best for their lifestyle and fitness goals. The team at Fitelo does not prescribe medicines or supplements to their clients. The diet plan prescribed to their clients is based on their body, routine, lifestyle, and eating habits and targets achieving a healthy body. Since the team also focuses on emotional well-being, the coaches and experts ensure they encourage and motivate their clients throughout their complete fitness journey.

Fitelo” - Winner of Indian Achievers' Award 2020

Fitelo allows their clients to take control of their health without missing out on the things they enjoy or by making their daily regimen seem like a task.

With more than a decade of experience individually, the founders have built an elite team that understands health, psychology, and customer service. Fitelo is on-track to grow in the upcoming years as more people are now looking for sustainable, long-term fitness plan and are keen on making lifestyle changes to achieve their fitness goals.

The team at Fitelo understands that confidence comes from a sense of well-being, which is why their priority is to make a healthy lifestyle a sustainable reality for the world.