Global express transportation and logistics provider FedEx has partnered with tech-driven logistics startup iThink Logistics for cross-border shipment, the company announced on Monday.

According to a statement from iThink Logistics, the strategic alliance is to provide shipping options and significant cost savings to e-commerce businesses expanding into foreign markets.

The logistics firm partnered with India Post earlier this month to transport online goods to far-flung regions of the nation. Due to varying consumer requests and customs laws, small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises frequently have difficulties with international shipping, according to the company.

By merging the platform’s all-inclusive SAAS solution with FedEx’s vast transportation network, this partnership tackles these issues. According to the statement, this synergy enables companies of all sizes to satisfy demand for cross-border shipping at FedEx costs.

Zaiba Sarang, Co-Founder of iThink Logistics, said, “Partnering with an entity like FedEx propels us, and our sellers, many steps closer to global outreach and unmatched service reliability.”

This allows e-commerce business owners to take advantage of FedEx’s full range of services, which include its International Priority Express and lightning-fast 2-3 day delivery service, among others. Additionally, FedEx International Priority allows them to reach over 220 countries in just 2-3 days.

With FedEx International Priority Freight, the partnership gives the benefit of expedited delivery in 3–4 business days for larger items.

This month, FedEx Express previously announced the addition of a new automated e-commerce feature to FedEx Ship ManagerTM (FSM), catering to Indian small businesses and e-commerce merchants. The goal of FedEx Express’s new service, which is a division of FedEx Corp, is to effectively manage business shipments online.

This rapid transportation company service is offered not just in India but in 44 other Middle Eastern, African, and Indian subcontinental nations and territories. Compared to manually inputting information to make shipping labels, this FSM upgrade saves businesses a significant amount of time by enabling them to create shipments and documentation from their online purchases in a few easy steps.

“At FedEx, we’re committed to giving e-commerce merchants and small businesses access to digital intelligence. “The improved FSM, which encompasses smooth e-commerce integration and streamlined shipping procedures, highlights our dedication to helping SMEs achieve a competitive advantage and promote business expansion,” a statement from Nitin Navneet Tatiwala, vice president of FedEx Express Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, and Africa (MEISA) marketing, read.