Global Information Security Consulting and Services company, eSec
Forte Technologies was founded in 2011 in Delhi and is CMMI Level 3
Certified. Offering services in information Security services, Forensic
Services, Malware Detection, Security Audit, Risk Assessment, and
many more. 

Listed among the top 10 cyber security firms in India. eSec Forte is
certified for providing Information Security Auditing Services. A PCI
DSS qualified security assessor and empanaled by CERT-India to carry
out security assessments for National Critical Infrastructure. Authorized
technology Partners of Information Security Solutions CATO Networks,
Sectrio, Palo Alto Networks, Nesus, Core Security, Burpsuite, Cyber
Observer and more. Also a manufacturer of NxSAM, Next Generation
Security Audit and Management Solution. Every aspect is dealt with
expertise to resolve challenges faced by clients. 
 This fiscal year, revenue is expected to grow by 70% Y-O-Y as digital
threats and cyber-attacks are on the rise. The company is aggressively
planning and analyzing threat intelligence for a future-ready approach.
India is more susceptible to software attacks, so it needs to adopt
technologies that will cover all security points. eSec Forte has reached
new heights in a decade. The vast base of eSec Forte’s clientele is spread
across UAE, USA, UK, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Taiwan,
Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, and many more countries across the
globe. Planning to set foot across more countries of the world. In India,
the company serves a wide range of clients across sectors. Security is a
necessity with technology, as organizations are becoming more
susceptible to being hacked and attacked by anyone operating far from
them. The threat is increasing as the reliance on automation and
advanced technologies are becoming compulsory. 

The company has close to 150 team members. The eSec Forte team is
comprised of energetic and experienced engineers, computer application
specialists, business management professionals, information and cyber
security specialists, and cloud-based software developers. A person’s
intellectual ability and problem-solving attitude are taken into account
when hiring. The team consists of experts with years of experience who
can work with unusual situations while achieving success. 
Organizations constantly need to update themselves with the increasing
threat vectors and could be susceptible to more cyber attacks in the
future as there are higher chances of having their data leaked or their
systems shut down. Finding the root cause of a problem is a difficult
skill, one that eSec Forte can provide. The inside of the fort is safe when
the walls are strong. Hence, building your systems so no one can access
them is important in the era of modern technologies.