We’ve all heard about the value of influencer marketing, but far too many businesses overlook the inherent opportunity of having their staff serve as brand influencers. Engaging your staff as ambassadors entails more than just offering exceptional customer service.

An ambassador authentically promotes the company, the owner, and the product in order to engage the consumer and build connections that lead to sales. Employees provide personality and a face to a business by informing and motivating customers via storytelling and personal tales. To begin this transformation, you must first influence your workers’ perceptions of your firm and their potential to work for it.

The idea is to instil passion and loyalty in your workers’ work, particularly in how they interact with consumers. Enthusiasm is contagious and effective as a vital factor in creating sales. Your staff are the first line of defence in portraying your firm to your consumers, therefore you want them to be at the top of their game.

It all starts with employing the appropriate individuals. Choose personnel, especially those who will interact directly with clients, who are not merely capable and ready to work hard, but who have a genuine interest in and love for what your firm sells.

Authenticity pays dividends during customer-employee interactions.

Make sure that both new and existing workers feel a feeling of ownership in your organisation. While some organisations provide actual ownership in the form of stock options or other similar incentives, you may establish a sense of ownership by simply emphasising that your employees are part of a team. Everyone wants to be a part of something new and exciting. As a business owner, you must ensure that your staff are engaged in ways that go beyond simply performing a job description.

Create an accountability culture in your organisation. Make it obvious that each team member is a crucial link in the success chain to ensure that each employee feels important and respected. Everyone must be held accountable for giving it their all and performing to the best of their abilities.

Make coming to work a pleasurable experience for them. We spend a large portion of our life at work, so make it apparent to employees that you realise this and, more importantly, that you want them to have fun. We tend to think of labour as a negative, yet it is possible to turn it into a positive. Set the tone that, while our work is serious business, it can be something to be proud of, especially in moments of success, and that

Surprise and joy go a long way toward having your staff humming while they work instead of complaining and monitoring the clock. Company trips, engaging in light chat outside of the work at hand, and/or playing background music are all examples of ways to lighten things up and improve your employees’ experience.

Finally, provide role-playing training that displays how you want them to represent your company in their individual jobs, as well as what it means to be real ambassadors for your organisation in all of their encounters with consumers.

Making this small but significant change will pay tremendous returns for your company in terms of revenue, client loyalty and repeat business, and employee retention. It will also improve your experience as a business owner leading a devoted and enthusiastic staff toward the shared objective of your company’s success.