Propshop, a new company based in Dubai, wants to make investing in property more accessible and modern. The company was started by Sarah Sajwani, an experienced businesswoman from the UAE. 

Emirati businesswoman

Propshop is launching an online platform that will allow people to invest in real estate in a new way. Through the platform, investors can buy “tokens” that represent ownership in actual real estate properties in the UAE. Each token equals one square foot of a property. This will let more people easily invest, even with a small amount like 500 AED. 

The first property investment that Propshop is offering involves a luxury home in a popular Dubai community. Early investors can purchase tokens from March 6th, representing about 30% of the total value of the property. From April 27th, the remaining 70% of tokens will be available. 

Importantly, Propshop says its online platform provides transparency about the investments. Investors will be able to see the value of their tokens update in real time. They can also consult experts to sell their tokens (exit the investment) whenever they want through the platform. 

Traditionally, investing in real estate has not been very liquid – it can be hard to sell your ownership quickly. Propshop aims to give investors more flexibility than usual by allowing continuous trading of the property tokens. After projects are completed, investors may also choose to benefit from rental income or selling the actual units.

Propshop’s goal is to bring the stability of real estate investments and combine it with the technology of blockchain. Blockchain is the encrypted digital record that underlies cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It allows assets to be divided into many smaller components (like the property tokens) and traded digitally in a secure way.

Sarah Sajwani believes Propshop can transform how people access opportunities in the booming UAE real estate market. She says the platform emphasizes trust, transparency and giving real benefits to investors. It also provides early access for global investors to participate in UAE property growth. 

Propshop had to obtain special licenses to offer this new type of “off-plan” investment, where people can invest before projects are finished. This pioneering approach aims to maximize returns for investors and leverage local real estate expertise.

In summary, Propshop is using cutting-edge technology combined with traditional real assets like property. It wants to make investing more inclusive, flexible and suitable for the digital age through fractionalized ownership of real estate on its online platform. This Emirati start-up could significantly change the real estate investment landscape in the UAE.