Tesla’s decision to invest in India is considered a huge success for the nation, as the business has previously been hesitant to make such commitments.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, recently disclosed that the firm would soon make an investment in India, which is a huge step for the nation. Shortly after his meeting with PM Modi at the New York Palace Hotel, the entrepreneur spoke about his ambitions in an interview with India Today.  Tesla has earlier asked for further incentives to think about investing in India before Musk made his statement.

Tesla has previously been hesitant to make such investments, thus the company’s willingness to do so is considered a huge triumph for India. It comes after recent news that electronics giant Apple would step up its manufacturing operations in India, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Elon Musk said that the social media network was forced to follow local laws after being questioned about Jack Dorsey and the controversy surrounding his claim that the government will shut down Twitter headquarters in India.The former CEO of Twitter and co-founder, Dorsey. According to Musk, Twitter is forced to follow local laws. Musk said this to India Today. We risk closure if we don’t abide by local government regulations. America cannot be applied to Earth only.

Musk also acknowledged the need to take into account various cultural and legal settings, saying that the laws of America cannot be enforced uniformly around the globe.

According to Musk, who spoke to India Today about Tesla’s investment ambitions there, he wants to travel there in the upcoming year. Indicating a desire to forge a big investment relationship with India, he also hinted at the possibility of working with that country on a joint venture for his aerospace production and space transportation business, SpaceX.