The Dubai Taxi Corporation recently announced plans to expand their fleet of taxis serving Dubai International Airport by 100%, increasing the number from 350 vehicles to 700. This move comes as passenger traffic through DXB continues to grow rapidly each year. According to officials, the additional taxis are needed to ensure travelers have reliable and convenient transportation options to and from the airport. 

Dubai has established itself as a global hub for tourism and business, and the airport is a vital part of the emirate’s economy and reputation. Passenger numbers have been increasing by around 5-7% annually in recent years. In 2023 alone, over 88 million travelers are projected to pass through DXB. With so many people flying into and out of Dubai each day, having efficient ground transportation is crucial. The taxi service provided by Dubai Taxi plays a key role in providing a positive first and last impression for many visitors. 

By doubling their fleet at the airport, Dubai Taxi will now have 700 vehicles dedicated exclusively to transporting air passengers. This will allow them to accommodate the growing demand without compromising on the high level of service they are known for. The additional taxis are expected to increase trip capacity by around 30%, helping to reduce wait times. They will provide round-the-clock transportation for travelers to anywhere within the UAE. 

The expanded airport taxi fleet is just one part of Dubai Taxi’s efforts to modernize and scale their operations. They currently have a total of over 5,500 vehicles across the emirate. With the airport expansion, their market share within the local taxi industry has increased to approximately 45%. Dubai Taxi is now one of the largest taxi operators in the Middle East region. 

Sustainability is also a priority, as the new airport taxis will include more environmentally-friendly models. Some will be electric vehicles or hybrids, reflecting Dubai’s commitment to reducing emissions from the transport sector. This ties into the city’s broader sustainability goals as announced by the Dubai Carbon Abatement Strategy 2021-2030. Well-maintained, low-emission taxis help improve air quality around busy areas like the airport.

In addition to taxis, Dubai Taxi’s services include luxury limousines, shuttle buses, and corporate logistics. They aim to offer travelers a comprehensive set of mobility solutions. The expanded airport fleet reaffirms their prominent role and allows them to better serve the needs of a rapidly growing tourism hub. It also supports Dubai’s vision of establishing itself as a top global destination for business and leisure. 

Officials from Dubai Taxi and the Roads & Transport Authority view the fleet expansion as an important investment. It demonstrates their commitment to continuously improving transportation infrastructure and keeping pace with demand. With major events like Expo 2020 behind them and more on the horizon, reliable mobility links like taxis are vital. This latest move by Dubai Taxi will help ensure a smooth airport experience for the millions of annual visitors to Dubai. It solidifies the emirate’s reputation as a leader in quality of life, innovation and customer service.