Dubai Investments is committed to furthering sustainability in the UAE through community initiatives that support green practices and healthy living. On February 18, 2024, the leading investment company will host the third edition of its flagship Dubai Investments Green Run event at Dubai Investments Park. 

Building on the success of previous years, the 2024 Green Run aims to engage more residents of Dubai in supporting environmental stewardship. Participants will have the option of a 3km walk or jog, or a 5km timed run to match different fitness levels. Early registration before February 13 ensures inclusion in what has grown to be a highly anticipated yearly sporting occasion.

Spearheaded by Dubai Investments‘ Sustainability Committee head Mohammed Saeed Al Raqbani, the Green Run aligns with the UAE leadership’s vision for a sustainable future. It brings together individuals, families, companies and schools to raise awareness of small actions that can make a collective difference. Examples include reducing single-use plastics and optimizing recycling at the event site.

In addition to the run routes, a Green Village will provide further eco-friendly activities and entertainment. This smart zone offers fun for all ages while reinforcing messages around green living. Top youth and adult finishers can earn cash prizes, and organizations demonstrating outstanding sustainability initiatives will gain recognition. 

Event director Ruth Dickinson of FittGROUP emphasized the Green Run’s multifaceted purpose. It promotes not only wellness from physical activity but also mindfulness of our environmental footprint. Paperless registration and reusable amenities help minimize the organizers’ own impact. 

By hosting its third annual Green Run, Dubai Investments reaffirms commitment to the UAE’s sustainable development and climate goals. The inclusive community event inspires residents to adopt small responsible habits that can create meaningful change. From run routes to prizes to the Green Village activities, participants experience the fun aspects of green initiatives. 

On February 18, 2024, Dubai Investments Park will unite the local community in a celebration of health, spirit and environmental stewardship. The Green Run offers residents an impactful way to engage with the issues that will shape our shared future.

In summary, Dubai Investments’ third annual Green Run takes place on February 18th, promoting sustainability through a 3km/5km run and activities at its Green Village. The event gathers the community to raise awareness of small actions supporting the UAE’s green goals while recognizing schools and top finishers.