Dubai International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, has started a new award to appreciate the hard work of its staff. The award is called the ‘OneDXB Chairman’s Award’. 

Dubai Airports operates both Dubai International airport and Dubai World Central airport. Together they help Dubai become a major travel hub. Last year over 87 million people passed through Dubai International airport. The airport aims to provide the best travel experience possible to all its guests.

The new OneDXB Chairman’s Award was launched to recognise individuals who go above and beyond to deliver excellent service to guests. It encourages all staff at the airport to work as one team and make the guest experience a top priority. The award winners were chosen from five important partner organisations at the airport. 

These partners are Dubai Airports, General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) Dubai, Dubai Customs, Dubai Police and Dubai Duty Free. One exceptional person was selected from each who truly shows the values of great service, teamwork and guest satisfaction. 

The awards were given out by Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the chairman of Dubai Airports. He said Dubai wants to stay at the top as a global travel hub and the best airport in the world. Recognising hard working staff will motivate everyone to improve services further. The goal is to position Dubai among the top three tourist destinations globally by 2030.

Khalid Noor from Dubai Airports received the award for his organisation. Khalid is known as a strong leader who collaborates well across different airport teams. He understands guest needs very well and can handle problems skillfully. Khalid always makes sure guests are satisfied and gets the support they require. He has helped many passengers in difficult situations like getting off cancelled flights with empathy.

Other award winners were Sergeant Ali BelShalat from GDRFA Dubai, Noora Al Mazrooei from Dubai Customs, Mohammed Al Shaer from Dubai Police and Ali Attia Elsayed from Dubai Duty Free. All of them were praised for going above the call of their duty to deliver exceptional service to airport guests.  

The new OneDXB Chairman’s Award aims to inspire all airport staff to provide world-class service just like the winners. Recognising top performers will keep morale high. It also celebrates the teamwork between Dubai Airports and its partner organisations that helps Dubai International airport retain its position as the number one airport in the world for international travellers. The awards are making a difference in delivering an even better experience for the hundreds of millions of people who visit Dubai by air each year.