DroneAcharya’s operating revenue grew by over 90% to INR 35.19 crore in FY24 from INR 18.56 crore in FY23. The firm credited the increase to the company’s steady and consistent expansion as a drone solution provider and drone-centric training organization. Including other revenues, the startup’s overall revenue climbed to INR 37.35 Cr in FY24 from INR 19.13 Cr the year before.


DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations, a Pune-based drone firm, declared a consolidated profit after tax (PAT) of INR 6.2 Cr in the fiscal year 2023-24 (FY24), over double the previous fiscal year’s similar period of INR 3.42 Cr.

DroneAcharya’s operating revenue climbed by over 90% to INR 35.19 crore in FY24, from INR 18.56 crore in FY23. The startup credited the boost to its continuous and consistent growth as a drone solution provider and drone-centric training organization.

DroneAcharya, founded by Prateek Srivastava in 2017, provides a variety of drone solutions such as multi-sensor drone surveys, pilot training, and data processing. Last year, the business began producing drones. It has teamed with Gujarat-based robotics business Gridbots Technologies to begin commercial manufacture, assembly, and export of drones and other products in July 2023.

Including additional income, the startup’s overall revenue increased to INR 37.35 crore in FY24 from INR 19.13 crore the previous year.

“Currently, DroneAcharya is India’s leading and pioneering DGCA-certified drone pilot training provider in the private sector. The company has also achieved substantial progress by securing various international drone service projects and valuable industrial relationships with drone manufacturers, as well as investing in drone-centric companies and acquiring value-added organizations in India and around the world, according to a statement.

Until last year, DroneAcharya operated two DGCA-certified drone pilot training organizations in Pune and Gujarat. In FY24, the corporation increased the number by opening two additional centers at IIT Ropar, Punjab, and Jaipur.

Our initial rollout for FY25 would be the introduction of our line of type-approved agricultural spraying drones. Internationally, we are making significant progress, becoming one of India’s first few Drone Startups to expand into Southeast Asia. The objective is to begin selling Make in India drones to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe during the current fiscal year, establishing a global presence and promoting India as a Global Drone Hub,” Srivastava stated.

It should be remembered that earlier this year, DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations received an order from the Adani Group to deliver Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)-certified drone pilot training.

Furthermore, in January, it received a contract from the Indian Army to conduct capacity building and advanced drone training at the Mechanised Army Courses Group in Ahmednagar. In February, it struck an agreement with Vimaan Aerospace to offer drones, as well as drone-related training and services.