Beauty is the pure that cautiously grows itself with the care that beholds it. There is a holistic process in preserving the sustainability of beauty that can enrich one’s soul and personality. But in the current times, the economy and the market has been providing an overwhelming amount of products which might taint the authenticity of seeking insights about the strengthening of beauty. What’s more interesting to analyze has been the productive upsurge of entrepreneurship that is growing to expand opportunities in this industry. Such openness towards innovation and strategic thinking has laid exceptional pathways for home-grown brands to cater to the diverse market in India.

Diam Beauty

Diam Beauty was founded with the goal to offer vegan and cruelty-free makeup products to the Indian market. The brand aims to deliver further value by incorporating skincare infused formulas that tailors toward enhancing skin health and vibrance. Diam Beauty has been focusing highly towards providing a steep competition to international brands and they are doing so by providing premium quality makeup products at an affordable rate. The journey of entrepreneurship is adventurous and Diam Beauty is built on the very foundations of scalability and efficiency.

Diam Beauty Products

The brand emerged at a timeline, when the Indian beauty industry is open to thrive with a startup ecosystem. For an emerging brand like Diam Beauty, it is very important to generate customer trust. And they have been doing so remarkably by providing products like ‘Glass Tint Balm’. The product got sold out in just 2 months which threw vivid clarity on Diam Beauty’s growing popularity. But at the same time, the company has been renovating a scalable business model to sculpt a sustainable supply chain as the Glass Tint Balm was restocked in 3 months.

Any brand that walks towards solving customer pain points shall ultimately drive towards more profits and widescale development. The Indian weather condition with the broader skin types helped Diam Beauty integrate customer-focused business practices that fosters credibility and creativity towards the beauty industry. On Instagram, Diam Beauty has an inclusive community of 20,000 followers that resonates with the brand’s vision towards providing better products. Customers take it a deep note to choose products between the price range of Ra. 599 to Rs. 899.

Diam Beauty’s growth portrayed recognition from Elle magazine, which termed them a “beauty brand that has been topping everyone’s wish lists”. News18 called their products a “masterpiece”. Additionally, Diam Beauty received appreciation from Cosmopolitan, Hello, PopXO, & Brides Today, just to name a few. In the coming years, Diam Beauty is looking to expand its offline business model with pop-ups and exhibition and getting more close to their diverse community. The success trajectory connects with Diam Beauty, which says, “Every setback is just a setup for a comeback. Keep pushing, and you’ll find your way to success.”