Harsha Razdan is a skills CEO with 25 years of experience in FMCG (Fast Manufacturing Customer Goods) in companies like PepsiCo and Unilever.

Dentsu is an Advertising and Service provider agency that associates with clients to plan for their future growth and opportunities. Dentsu is specialized in brand building, content creation, commerce, and penetrating clients’ businesses in the market. 

The subsidies held under Dentsu is Dentsu Creative and which is a Global Creative Network to change the brand value of businesses through the management of Trendy Invention. The second subsidy is CARAT which is a content creation agency that specializes in connecting brands to their potential customers.

Dentsu has appointed Harsha Razdan as CEO of their Asia Pacific office. The tenure of Razda begins in the month of May and will be based in Mumbai. Harsha Razdan is entitled to report to Rob Gilby.

Harsha Razdan has also worked with Accenture which is a service provider platform. He has spent his four years working with Accenture in the UK. 

He was earlier employed at KPMG in the position of a senior partner who was responsible to undertake clients, markets, life sciences & internet business. Razdan let a workforce of about 4,000. 

India has been through the most profound and impressive digital transformation and the future of the digital economy is bright; with new opportunities being generated by the advent of 5G, proliferation of affordable devices, and the development of a new economy accessible to all. Razdan’s background in brand building, overlayed with deep knowledge of tech-driven transformation brings formidable cross-capability expertise and will drive growth opportunities in creating a new value ecosystem for clients with consumers at the center,” said Gilby.

It is a very exciting time for agency networks in India, especially with the significant progress in the digital development of our market and what that means for brands. India is leap-frogging other markets in its adoption and development of new technologies, and agencies must be capitalizing on new opportunities,” Razdan said.

The company claimed that in a recent report, the advertising industry has a potential growth of 18.1% year on year since 2021 considering a market share of 85,769 crores. The advertising industry is forecasted to grow at a compound annual rate of 15.07% to reach 1.13 lakh crore by the end of 2024. This statement was reported by Dentsu India Digital.