DeepSource also shares a similar story wherein the founders Jai and Sanket addressed the problem of code reviews being delayed and multiple errors being missed during code reviews. DeepSource continuously analyzes source code changes to find and fix issues categorizedMost startups receive inspiration from problems that one needed to address. as security, performance, anti-patterns and bug-risks. In simpler terms, DeepSource is the Grammarly for code. DeepSource’s product is used by developers at marquee organizations such as NASA, Uber, Intel, and Slack, among others. The startup was also a part of startup accelerator Y Combinator, winter batch of 2020.

In the billions and billions of lines of code written, engineers are building software and services people use every day to progress in their work and daily lives. It’s not an easy task – they have to work under the pressures of producing software of supreme quality at a faster and faster time to ship. The engineers of the future don’t want to be held back by the mistakes of the past.

That’s where an award-wining startup DeepSource created a platform that saves developers thousands of hours of time in code review and code quality monitoring. Jai & Sanket wanted to let engineers get on with the parts of their work that will change the world, while they make the process of creating high quality software easy. With DeepSource, every developer is empowered to write code that are clean and error free. DeepSource can help save three hours of developer time every week by automating the rote part of writing and reviewing code for 40 million developers across the world who write code and build software. DeepSource integrates with different products with platforms like GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket etc.

“What we’re trying to do is use static analysis to figure out if we can automate the objective parts of the code review. Whenever a software developer makes a commit or introduces any change in code, DeepSource automatically runs analysis on that code. It then flags issues like security issues, anti-patterns, progress performance issues and things like that,” Jai explained.

DeepSource has raised a seed investment of $2.7M, led by 645 Ventures with participation from Y Combinator, FundersClub, Pioneer Fund, Liquid2 Ventures and several other angel investors. The team strongly believes that static analysis can add value to developers in saving time and improving the quality of their code when it is easier to set up and use, carefully integrated with code review workflows, and has a very low rate of false positives. At DeepSource, they’re making the lives of developers easier by building an automated code review platform that helps developers detect issues in their code and automatically fix most of them in a couple of clicks with Autofix.

“We’re the most comprehensive code analyser in the industry, with guaranteed less than 5 percent false positive rate. We’re also the only product in the space that can automatically fix issues in code,” concludes Sanket.