The nation’s top manufacturer of curtains and upholstery is scheduled to increase its daily output from 140,000 meters of cloth to nearly 200,000 metres.

D’Decor- a Curtain Maker

D’Decor, the nation’s top manufacturer of curtains and upholstery, plans to considerably expand its capacity, increasing daily output from 140,000 meters to over 200,000 metres during the next four years, according to managing director Sanjay Arora. 

In an interview, he emphasized the significance of satisfying increasing consumer demand while maintaining the company’s competitive advantage.

According to Mint, “We are a zero-debt company, and all expansion will be funded through internal accruals,” he added. “We are strongly committed to our business and see it as our life’s work. Currently, our activities are operating at about 93% capacity. Our production facilities in Tarapur, Maharashtra, and warehouses in Noida and Bengaluru use cutting-edge technology, including robotic processes.

D’Decor is the market’s largest participant, with approximately 6,000 employees and a 30% share of the organized category. 

“We are undoubtedly the world’s largest maker of curtains and upholstery, with a 50/50 split between domestic and overseas sales. While curtains account for over 70% of our total business, we also specialize in beds, blinds, rugs, and other complementing products.”

Over the past few years, the company’s CAGR, on average, has been 13-15%, translating into a 50% rise in sales per every 4 year time period. Following the unexpected situation created by the covid-19 pandemic, the demand for home goods became especially high as individuals have turned their eyes to the home; as a result, strong growth was witnessed in the fiscal years (FY21 and FY22). Arora is an optimist and expects another 50 percent increase over the following four years as well. Last four sentences:

In addition to making new buildings and increasing brand presence, D’Decor will launch a new brand next month and try opening sales in the local market. He told me not do introduce a new product line.

We want our products to be within reach of the larger population connecting them with D’decors Pvt. Ltd. in over 1800 such stores, and our 10 owned stores together with 30 franchises, Arora stated. “This ultimate goal is for D’Decor brands with a presence almost everywhere to make sure that consumers come across one of them after every 10 minutes.”

A glance at the future, Arora argues that sustainability as an imperative is the need of the hour. The enterprise has realized the projects like full water recycling , solar panel installation , and the replacement of coal energy with briquettes. Leading the way of sustainable fashion is the D’Decor goal, with the act of conscious and sustainable fabric leading the way, Arora said in a statement. “This opinion will invade the switch of interest for eco-friendly fabrics in India, notwithstanding the predicted significant change of a modest consumer characteristics in the future years”.

The decor chain provider recognized as provider of affordable luxury offers product line of 13,000 SKUs with over 2,500 new SKUs PSs incorporated each year. Arora demonstrated as examples the windows with double curtains which were the expanding segments of the market. Moreover, the company has established a relatively technical personnel as point of contact for the hotels and corporates directly assigned for sales promotion.