What are Cryptocurrencies?

Hope you all know that exceptionally well because that is the main reason behind the reading of this article! Cryptocurrency is very trending and all this is because of its outstanding performance along with the investor’s attention. In today’s world, there are countries where cryptocurrency has already been accepted as a valid digital currency. Unfortunately, there are also countries where cryptocurrency is illegal like Iraq, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Nigeria, Qatar, Russia, and so on. But in India cryptocurrency is neither banned nor accepted as a valid currency. Anyway, let us make it crystal clear that all of the cryptocurrencies are not at all the same when the aspect is an investment. After all, the same shoe size is undoubtedly not meant for everyone. Here are the top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in India.

1. Ethereum

Ether is what one requires to participate in high-value trades. This brought prime changes to the blockchain and also it became a platform for other applications. Ether is the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. Here the payments are considered to be faster than Bitcoins. It is a decentralised, smart and open-source cryptocurrency! There are resemblances between Bitcoins and Ether but the applications, goals and operations of these cryptocurrencies have got enormous distinctions between one another. 

Ethereum Cryptocurrency

2. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the initial cryptocurrency that brought the cryptocurrency movement into existence in the entire globe. There is merely no one present on this Earth who does not want to add Bitcoins to their portfolio! This cannot be controlled by anyone and everyone can own a Bitcoin. Bitcoins do not operate with any sort of central or banking authority. It is considered to be authentically unique because there are no other crypto transactions like Bitcoins transaction and payments. 

Bitcoin cryptocurrency

3. Tether

Tether is a translucent blockchain technology with safe and secured currency along with extensive integration and tokens supported by actual assets. Each passing day, Tether is gaining followers for its extravagant services and features! The best part of all is that it provides security against the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Payments take place every second over here. 

Tether cryptocurrency

4. Cardano

Cardano has got a kind of a friendly nature with the atmosphere, more than the other cryptocurrencies! Cardano has got the potential to justify stronger prices over time because it has gained real-world utilisation from farm supply chains to battling retail plagiarism. It is a public blockchain platform. Cardano has now made its stance in this crypto sector just similar to Ether. 

Top Cardano Cryptocurrency

5. Solana

Recently, Solana changed its value from 2020 to 2021 and achieved the highest value in 2021 December. To date, there are more than 40 million transactions completed in Solana and it has got one of the smartest contract operations. It has got no transaction charges and hence is faster than Ether. Solana has got a position in the sunrise sector of decentralised finance solutions. 

Binance  - emerging cryptocurrency in India

6. Binance

Binance is currently one of the most highly traded cryptocurrencies in today’s trading world. It is undoubtedly the hugest trading cryptocurrency. Trading like advanced, fan tokens, classic, swap farming, margin involved in it! Since 2017, various modifications have been taking place in coin pricing. Transactions over here take place at each and every second with 24×7 support and assistance. 

Top 10 Cryptocurrency to Invest in India

7. Dogecoin

This was created as a joke, which in today’s market is popularly known as a meme! Reports say that even the cofounder is quite amused by the coin. The worth of the coin rose smartly, especially with the celebrity inducement. Anyway, according to the survey, experts say that nature ensures that it may not grow as big in the upcoming days to invest in the future as it is now. 

Dogecoin - a popular cryptocoin among the rich

8. Polkadot

Polkadot amounts less to transfer and also the transaction takes place at a quite sooner velocity. This aspect of Polkadot is kind of a dream come true for many of the evolving cryptocurrency finance sectors of the whole world! Polkadot pertains to several lessons that cryptocurrency have been learning through the past 10 years along with the benefits which would possibly aid dominate the scenario. 

Polkadot a future cryptocurrency

9. Monero XMR

Monero XMR whirled out to be a vast number of aspects that the marketplace thought what the Bitcoins actually would be! This is considered to be great during the darkness and can also be fairly untraceable which holds worth and most importantly can also be built-in home computers. 

Monero XMR - a cryptocurrency for future

10. Luckyblock

Luckyblock is found to be representing the best cryptocurrency to invest in the current ongoing year. Reports say that Luckyblock might change the entire lottery industry gradually! Luckyblock is decentralising the lottery procedure through blockchain technology. Individuals can play the game over here by sitting back comfortably at their homes. There is no such known urge of playing through an operator. It has got clever contracts for taking care of the features, functions and services. Luckyblock is aiming towards disrupting all boundaries to access to build a worldwide lottery where all the players will have tremendous odds of winning a jackpot than with the conventional lottery procedures. Also, it is looking forward to giving back to the local communities by donating around 10% of each regular jackpot to helpful spurs. Luckyblock team has already made an enormous donation to British Red Cross and is also glancing towards doing more in the near future. 

Luckyblock Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency to Invest in India: Conclusion

Here we analysed the top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in India. Keeping an eye on all the above-mentioned names is worth the watch! Anyway the decentralised lottery platform Luckyblock is considered to be a kind of the best project recently. The project has certainly got a different notion to offer! The article is just for fulfilling the informational goals only. If you are looking forward to investing in cryptocurrency or maybe you are an initial investor then please do not invest a big amount of value from your savings in cryptocurrencies.