Business Outreach Magazine Content Licensing Policy

Business Outreach Magazine is India’s one of the fastest emerging media companies. Our viewpoints related to the current market, economy and business aims to shed vibrant clarity to our avid readers. When we analyze the latest news, our focus is to reach a wider audience with well-researched facts and details. The team of experts at our company always picks up news that is shaping nationwide progress and development. 

If your company is looking to add content for blogs, websites or any other media channels, just reach out to us for a content licensing agreement. 

  • We can understand the rapid growth of the digital economy and stepping foot with a rational voice indicates welfare to the society. Our content licensing agreement is tailored to be efficient and hassle-free so that your creative assignments for content management gets all the support it needs. 

Here at Business Outreach Magazine, we encourage diversity and meaningful co-existence. 

  • With our content licensing or copyright license, you or your company gets a flexible solution to republish our articles. Business Outreach Magazine holds the rights to the content under licensing agreement, where we give permission to third parties to use that content under agreement for monetary compensation. 
  • The legally binded contract between Business Outreach Magazine and the third party/parties will clearly outline the rights for the usage of specific intellectual property. 
  • Our content licensing agreement should help you generate growth for your brand and showcase thought-leadership content for your audience. 
  • With Business Outreach Magazine’s licensing agreement you should get multiple benefits for your company’s scalability. If you or your brand believes that a certain piece of data or content by Business Outreach Magazine aligns with your company’s motto and vision, reach out to us. 

For you to use our published content on your digital channels, it needs our approval at first and a content licensing agreement. Our agreement shall outline the terms and how the content will be used by you. 

  • There are companies who want to use in-house contents together with licensed content from premium publishers like us. In such cases, you will need our permission to use our published content for your marketing campaigns, website, television commercials, social media platforms, radio advertisements and other relevant media or digital platforms. 
  • The content licensing agreement will also mention the fee required for licensing our content. The payment can be a one-time payment or based on a subscription-based package. Every detail regarding payment or any other additional fee will be outlined in the content licensing agreement between Business Outreach Magazine and third parties. 

As a third party binded by our licensed contract, you are only allowed to use the content in the way as mentioned in the agreement. This also includes usage of our published content for your company’s purpose as per agreement and not to be disclosed with any other third parties, if not mentioned in the licensing agreement. 

We encourage you to reach out to us from our ‘Contact Us’ section if you want to further discuss our content licensing agreement. This can be a great way to expanse your target audience and add more credibility to your brand.