The parent company behind recruitment portals “Indeed” and “Glassdoor” thinks that traditional resume system for hiring needs to be stopped as they link it directly to the labour shortage.

Japan’s Recruit Holdings Co. has a solution for the acute shortage of labour, which is to remove the old resume system to hire someone. CEO of the parent company of “Indeed” and “Glassdoor”, Hisayuki Deko Idekoba said that even now the hiring process is “making resumes, sending resumes and checking resumes.” He added that we should move forward and leave this old-school way of recruitment behind.

Idekoba raised an example, of a random restaurant which hasn’t changed its job description for a decade. He questioned, “Why do you need a college degree to be able to work in a restaurant? Forget about it!” He got this example after he was made to wait for 40 minutes to have a meal in a restaurant due to shortage of staff. He raised another example of truck drivers, who are desperately needed for work every now and then. He adds that, the recruitment process for a truck driver is normally chat based. He says that truck drivers do not get this opportunity because they are mostly on the road and tend to not be using a laptop.

He made another point that a lot of people do not know how to write or fill resumes even if they have the best set of skills to do a specific task. This is a problem specially faced by millions of Americans having criminal records. Idekoba says that, alone is responsible for “20 hires every minute”. He adds to it by saying that, we can still fix the labour shortage.