The investment was led by Inflexor Ventures Partners and Athera Venture Partners, with participation from Riverwalk Holdings and current investor Rebright Partners. ClickPost intends to use the new funds to launch new Al-driven modules, recruit talent, expand into new geographic areas, and strengthen its position in existing markets. ClickPost is a logistics intelligence platform that helps online retailers enhance their delivery experience. It was founded in 2017 by IIT-Delhi alumnus Naman Vijay and NIT Trichy student Prashant Gupta.


ClickPost, a logistics software-as-a-service (SaaS) firm, raised $6 million (approximately INR 50 crore) in its Series A fundraising round, which was co-led by Inflexor Ventures Partners and Athera Venture Partners.

Riverwalk Holdings joined the round, as did current investor Rebright Partners.

The business intends to utilize the new funding to launch new AI-powered modules, attract talent, and extend its footprint in existing regions.

“We predict that in the coming years, some generational enterprises will emerge in the e-commerce enabling market. Indian SaaS companies have a tremendous opportunity to serve the high-growth Indian D2C brands benefiting from increased consumption in India, and then capture global enterprises with a ‘Build in India and Sell to the World’ strategy, which continues to pay rich dividends to Indian SaaS companies,” said Naman Vijay, cofounder and CEO of ClickPost.

“Ecommerce is a place where vertical AI technologies will see a lot of adoption as brands strive to develop more effectively and compete with companies like Amazon, which have massive resources to give a more data-driven experience to customers. This puts the onus on SaaS firms like us to deliver solutions that keep brands on the cutting edge of innovation,” Vijay said.

Vijay and Prashant Gupta founded ClickPost in 2017 as a logistics analytics platform to help online businesses improve their shipping experiences.

The Gurugram-based startup began life as a developer tool to help engineers integrate courier application programming interfaces (APIs). Later, it evolved into a comprehensive platform for brands, offering a variety of services like pre-purchase journey delivery dates, multi-carrier integration, tracking visibility, return and exchange management, and omnichannel enablement.

ClickPost serves over 300 clients in India, North America, APAC, and the Middle East, with notable brands including Nykaa, Puma, Pepe Jeans, Acer, and Supertails, to mention a few.

Currently, the company tracks over 1 million shipments per day and anticipates a fivefold increase in the next two years.

Notably, ClickPost competes in India’s congested online logistics industry with companies such as Shiprocket, ShibBob, Holisol, Blowhorn, and Unicommerce.

Local SaaS businesses in logistics are still drawing investment in the interim. For example, in March 2023, a Gurugram-based logistics SaaS business got $3 million in investment from Mountain Partners and Indian Angels Network.

In September 2023, a Mumbai-based logistics SaaS startup raised $30 million in a series B fundraising round led by private equity (PE) firm Creaegis Advisors LLP.