Cipla Ltd, a prominent pharmaceutical business, has invested ₹42 crore in GoApptiv, raising its diluted ownership in the digital tech startup to 22.99%.

GoApptiv Private Limited is a business services firm that works in the technology and healthcare industries. Particularly in rural and extra-urban areas, the organization provides physical interventions and digital technologies to increase access to high-quality healthcare and pharmaceuticals. 

On January 1, 2015, Rajasekhar Parcha and Sreeram Venkitaraman established GoApptiv. With its headquarters in Asia-Pacific (APAC), the firm provides sales, digital marketing, consulting, and healthcare services.

Cipla mainly creates medicines to address disorders including depression, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and cardiovascular disease. Cipla offers its goods in 86 countries and has 47 production facilities worldwide.

The drug manufacturer said in a statement on Thursday that this development will “further expand Cipla’s presence across the healthcare continuum, especially to the underserved population, by enabling greater access to lifesaving treatments,” which is in line with the company’s ambition to strengthen investments in channels of the future. 

This will be Cipla’s third investment in GoApptiv, made via a combination of preference shares that are required to convert and equity.

The digital innovation startup GoApptiv has had significant development in both its reach and product variety in less-explored sectors since Cipla made its first investments in the company in 2020 and 2022, according to the company.

In this era of technology-driven healthcare, this expanded investment will help us deliver patient-centric solutions and further strengthen our digitization agenda to drive Cipla’s next phase of growth,” said Umang Vohra, managing director of Cipla Ltd.

GoApptiv is a digital technology startup that helps pharmaceutical companies contact more patients by providing them with digital solutions. They may make use of end-to-end business solutions from it, such as channel engagement, digital solutions, integrated brand sales management, digital marketing, patient assistance, and healthcare data analytics.

One kind of process enhancement that may assist in raising a company’s information technology efficiency and performance is end-to-end procedures. They also enable businesses to keep an eye on procedures from conception to completion.

End-to-end is regarded as one kind of process enhancement that may assist in raising an organization’s information technology performance and efficiency. Additionally, it enables the business to keep a closer eye on the project’s progress from planning to execution, guaranteeing that the project yields the desired outcomes. Keep in mind that the procedure may vary based on the demands and specifications of the particular project the business is working on.