The world is looking at India as an alternative for Chinese telecom solutions as the global supply chain is in the doldrums due to geopolitical uncertainties. 

India has come forward as an alternative to Chinese telecom solutions as global companies are now counting on the Indian tech sector to provide better alternatives to suspicious Chinese telecom solutions. This will also help India to establish a 5G enterprise ecosystem in the country as proclaimed by industry experts. 

The experts have also proclaimed that Indian IT Sectors are all set to provide necessary assistance in making India a better alternative for Chinese telecom solutions by creating new revenue models and by developing the requisite talent ecosystem to increase enterprise 5G uses. 

Jagdish mitra-chief strategy officer at Tech Mahindra has said that “the geopolitical situation is obviously causing disruptions in the supply chain. There’s this conversation about China plus One in terms of ‘where will the alternative supply chain come from’ and people are looking at India from every aspect of being able to deliver those solutions,”

India is a very big market for telecom companies as the country currently has the second highest number of telecom users in the world at 1.1 billion out of which 740 million are 4G customers. 5G is expected to create new value through hyper-connectivity and bring digital transformation across sectors.

Gnapriya C-associate vice president at software services firm infosys have said “With consumers,you can have an ARPU improvement right up to a certain limit adn no consumer is going to pay double the the focus is on the enterprise segment, which is going to actually drive the business case for 5G itself”

A recent Nasscom report has proclaimed that 5G is expected to increase India’s Gross Domestic Product(GDP) by 2% , amounting to $180 billion by 2030. With a scope of drastically increasing the unit pricing(average revenue per user (arpu)) in the retail telecom segment, 5G is expected to be the next growth avenue for the telecom sector 

Achutya Ghosh, the head of Nasscom’s insight has said that the country needs at least five times the existing pool of 5G ready tech talent to address the large-scale enterprise demand. He further added that the good part is that the 5G skill set has a large overlap with traditional indian skill sets if AI, IOT(internet of things ),Big data,cloud diversity;those kinds of skill sets are already available, they will be required from a 5G perspective but there would be a demand and supply gap. 

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