Foxconn intends to add two new sites close to Chennai iPhone manufacturing complex in India. Additionally, the producer of the Apple iPhone is rumored to be developing a research and development facility in Bengaluru’s Whitefield, indicating that it is rapidly increasing its capacity in India.

This occurred while Apple CEO Tim Cook was in India opening Apple’s first shop, a symbol of the American company’s expanding ambitions in the second-largest smartphone market in the world.

Foxconn company Chairman Young Liu announced more investments in March to celebrate his second trip to India in less than a year. Foxconn, one of the biggest suppliers of Apple goods globally, had begun to place a growing amount of importance on India.

“They (Foxconn) made general indications that they would like to build at least two more structures to produce iPhones. The Economic Times reports its sources as saying, “Detailed plans will be submitted later when they seek approvals and clearance.”

In addition to the two buildings that have already been built at the Chennai site, Foxconn plans to construct two more.

By May, Foxconn also intends to build an iPhone production and assembly facility close to Bengaluru International Airport.

According to news sources, the corporation may have stakes in the southern state, including the projected research and development hub in Whitefield.

As Apple device shipments from India grow, Foxconn is increasing its capacity.

According to analysts, Apple shipped 2.5 million iPhones in March, of which 1.3 million went to the US. This is what motivates Foxconn’s ambitious growth ambitions.

According to reports, Apple’s iPhone exports from India have significantly increased, topping $5 billion in FY23, a four-fold rise from the prior year.

This has been partly attributed to Apple’s backing for the expansion of India’s manufacturing sector, with local suppliers boosting their manufacture of high-end Apple gadgets.

Apple’s aid has helped India’s overall smartphone exports reach $10 billion. The total number of smartphones exported from India in a single fiscal year has never before achieved this milestone.

The primary contract manufacturers for Apple, Foxconn, Wistron, and Pegatron Corporation are expected to be operating in India as part of their effort to extend their supply chains beyond China.

With Foxconn and Pegatron already operating there, two of Apple’s principal contractors, Tamil Nadu is swiftly becoming a center for iPhone manufacture.

In addition, Tata Electronics, which is based in Hosur near the borders of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, is producing iPhone enclosures under contract for Apple.