Metaverse Gaming Industry promotes the use of Crypto through the gaming experience.

From arcade games in the 70s to today’s PlayStation consoles, from putting in coins to play Super Mario to buying a property in virtual reality with cryptocurrency, the gaming industry has evolved from time to time, to the point one hadn’t imagined.

Buying Virtual Property with Crypto in Metaverse Blockchain-based games
Buying Virtual Property with Crypto in Metaverse Blockchain-based games

Metaverse Blockchain-based games are virtual video games, where while exploring a 3D world, one can also monetize their gaming experience. A player can use cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens to buy, sell or trade with other players. These games come with their own in-game cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology – originally created to support Bitcoin – helped video game creators build their own ambition.

Some of the most popular games and their cryptos are Decentraland Mana (MANA), Axie Infinity (AXS), and Sandbox (SAND).

Blockchain-based games may not have yet made an impact on the video gaming industry but it has the ability to transform the gaming experience in near future.

Up till today, there have been several crypto transactions throughout many games.

Recently, a player bought Metaflower Super Mega Yacht for $650,000 by the creator of the Yacht, Republic Realm, a developer in the metaverse real estate ecosystem. “The Metaflower,” named after one of the ships that transported the pilgrims from England to America, consists of helicopter landing strips, a DJ booth, a Jacuzzi, and other facilities. This transaction has been considered as one of the most expensive NFT (Non-fungible token) ever sold in “The Sandbox.”

Before this, a digital piece of land on Decetraland metaverse was sold for around $2.5 million, and another plot in Axie Infinity for $2.3 million.

Other than gamers, these transactions certainly feel to be a waste of good money. But the gamers perceive games like The Sandbox and Dectraland as more than just a virtual world.