Wipro is an integrated company that provides a wide array of goods, services, and solutions in the fields of infrastructure, consumer goods, software, healthcare, and lighting. Our love for quality and dedication to our consumers fuel them. 

They are now among India’s top ten most admired firms because of this initiative. They work to take on leadership roles in all of our companies in the new millennium via ongoing innovation and a people-first mindset.

Wipro Limited, the third-largest corporation in India, is a constantly expanding and diversified international business with operations in Bangalore. It produces and sells goods and services ranging from cooking oil and soap to medical equipment and information technology (IT) consultancy.

The world-class technologies division of Wipro offers a variety of high-tech services to different clients, such as global IT assistance, e-business cooperation, and legacy systems management.

According to Wipro Enterprise Futuring, Brijesh Singh is now the senior vice president and worldwide head of artificial intelligence (AI).

Technology consulting is Singh’s area of expertise, which spans more than 30 years. Singh was a Senior Partner at Deloitte before joining Wipro, where he was in charge of accelerating the business’ transformation via the use of AI and data.

Singh was hired after Wipro made a $1 billion investment in AI and unveiled the Wipro ai360.

As the global head of AI, he will be accountable for leading Wipro’s ai360 strategy, building capabilities to support and accelerate AI adoption across Wipro’s whole portfolio, and offering clients AI-first solutions.

Wipro’s commitment to incorporating ethical AI into every platform, tool, and solution used internally and made accessible to clients is highlighted by the company’s appointment of him.