Mykare Health, a tech-enabled full-stack asset-light healthcare chain, and a bootstrapped healthcare startup has registered a growth of more than 300% in its revenue since July 2020. Mr. Senu Sam and his two partners Mr. Rahmathulla and Mr. Joash founded Mykare in 2020 during the Covid period to offer affordable, personalized, and standardized elective surgery and wellness space for patients traveling from domestic and international regions. Despite the pandemic and travel restrictions, Mykare has touched this hike. 

Mr Senu Sam, Founder & CEO MyKare

The startup delivers affordable and standardized surgical care and wellness care for domestic & international patients, ensuring maximum utilization of small & medium hospital facilities. Mykare has served more than 1500+ national and international patents in the last 9 months and its team size has grown 2 to 22 in the same period. Currently, Mykare operates with four facilities in Chennai and plans to expand its services in the whole South Indian region including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. 

Mykare has organically grown in response to massive demand on both the supply and demand sides. In the next 6 to 8 months, Mykare plans to open another 15+ facilities. By the next year, Mykare intends to expand its operations throughout India’s North and North East, as well as the SAARC countries, in response to the high demand for affordable healthcare services.

The Idea of building Mykare had come to Senu’s mind when his father was admitted to a local hospital in his hometown for surgery, he flew down to coordinate the entire process. Put in the shoes of a regular patient, he observed the entire process unfold in a new perspective. This made him wonder how his father was one among many countless patients across the country, waiting at the hospital without a clue of what they are going through. This is when he felt the need for an end-to-end tech platform experience with personalized and standardized care for patients who are looking for affordable surgical care. 

Mr Senu Sam, founder and CEO Mykare stated “Pandemic has proved to us the importance of the Small and medium hospitals in India. In our country more than 80% of the facilities are in the small and medium segment, the majority of the facilities are accredited and with high-quality surgeons. Currently, they lack visibility and are underutilized to attract patients traveling from domestic and international. And for patients, Currently, the treatment journey to the small and medium hospital is highly fragmented and unorganized”. 

Mr. Sam went on and added “for patients looking for affordable and standardized surgical care from India and International we aim to build India’s largest asset-light healthcare chain for elective surgeries & preventive/wellness care. Since our foundation, we have seen a huge demand in this sector and we are working towards fulfilling it.”

Mykare is a tech-AI-enabled full-stack platform. For patients, it’s a hassle-free platform-driven end-to-end surgical journey, AI-enabled Screening, No Cost EMIs & Flexible Payment, transparent and affordable pricing, 24*7 In-app care, AI-enabled Insurance platform, unlimited post-care, 20 to 40% cost saving, free room upgrade, pickup and drop along with a family-like on ground care. All Mykare facilities are equipped with high-quality surgeons and accredited centers and are 100% Covid SAFE.