Education is every student’s right irrespective of age, gender, caste or economic status. However, owing to the access to quality education and digital divide, the learning gaps are huge these days. Most students have clear ambitions and goals but absolutely no guidance or resources to achieve them.

Biomentor is one such institution that addresses the students’ needs and allows them the access to excel in their careers. With a large pool of dedicated, highly qualified and experienced faculty members, Biomentors maintain classroom like environments in online classes by army like scheduled training programs. Our faculty walks an extra mile to ensure that students do not miss getting the highest benchmark in their careers.

With a legacy of over 15 years as an offline brick and mortar model institute (est. 2008) coupled with a team of professional faculties who have been imparting education for over two decades and till date over 6.5 lakhs+ happy students taught via online platform, Biomentors is well known for its unique teaching methodology that allows bright minds to conquer undefeatable heights. Using a blend of innovative technology with holistic teaching methods, Biomentors serves as an enabler for students to crack the toughest medical entrance examination – NEET with absolute ease. Their team of highly experienced faculty assists students from the beginning to the finish and prepares them to kick-start their dream careers.

Dr Geetendra Singh, Founder of Biomentors Online is a practicing physician in Bandra East, Mumbai. He is a well-known diabetologist who started Biomentors classes online in 2017 to help economically challenged students to prepare for NEET without having to invest in sky-high fees of reputed institutes. needy students who can’t afford the hefty fee of offline institutes. What started merely as passion, today has become the institution allowing students to make their dream of becoming a doctor come true. Biomentors nurtures and delivers the best doctors to nation. In addition to academics, Dr Geetendra and his team also help students inculcate ethics and discipline in their careers.

Biomentors wants to make quality education available to all, even in the remotest corners of the country. Through cutting-edge technology and innovation, this team hones the skills of aspiring doctors and build a cult that is different from the rest. Biomentors takes pride in educating and moulding the future medical warriors of the country. Their bold vision is to level the playing field and offer an immersive learning experience to its students.

The institute boasts of impeccable results. Since 2017, over 11000+ MBBS selections are from Biomentors classes online in different government medical colleges. This success is owing to a variety of factors. Biomentors follows an army like discipline in delivering content online and maintaining a training schedule. The advance data analytics undertaken by the organization allows them to monitor the progress of every student. Biomentors has its own commandos. Students are divided into different battalions and each battalion is led by a commando who is an MBBS student.

Biomentors Online is India’s best online institute for NEET aspirants who work hard for the selection of its commandos. You will find such institutes very rarely in the whole of India, who are providing high quality education to the students of all sections in the country with full honesty and keeping away all his commercial greed. I would like to say once again that Biomentors is the best institute”, says Amar Singh Rajput, an ex-Biomentorian.

Unlike most educational institutions, Biomentors wants to empower students with the right knowledge and skills to relentlessly pursue their dreams without having to burn their pockets. This institute has tasted success owing to its honesty in serving the student community. Dr Geetendra is humbled with the love and affection received from the students and intends to take Biomentors a notch higher. Biomentors now looks at initiating 100 command centres in rural area by 2023 – 2024 to provide an effective environment to study with AI based learning.

“We always want to make education as an affordable tool for student’s betterment and it is always our motive and vision to develop self-confidence and positive thoughts which help them to gain every success in their life later. Biomentors online is the place where you can fulfil your dream by enhancing your potential for success in NEET medical entrance examination. We all know that today we are living in a fast-changing complex society, which presents before us challenges as well as opportunities. In this context it all depends on every individual how one responds to the situation with the right attitude. We work hard to make every day of learning, a special day for every student who enters the portals of Biomentors online, with a heart and mind set to grow more than yesterday.”, concludes Dr Geetendra.