The emergence of telemedicine and online doctor consultation apps in India has been transformative. By providing affordable and convenient access to quality healthcare, these platforms are filling the gap in the doctor-patient ratio plaguing the Indian healthcare infrastructure. Let’s explore the top 6 online doctor consultation apps revolutionizing healthcare delivery in India.

S.No.Best Online Consultation Apps in India
5Apollo 24/7

1. Practo – India’s Leading Integrated Healthcare App


Source: Practo

Established in 2008 by Stanford alumni Shashank ND and Abhinav Lal, Practo has become India’s largest integrated healthcare platform offering patients end-to-end medical solutions for consultation, medicine orders, lab tests, and electronic medical records maintenance. 

Wide Network of Doctors

With a robust verified base of over 200,000 doctors, Practo grants users access to general physicians, specialists, and surgeons across 25 specialties in tier 1, 2, and 3 cities via website or mobile app. Patients can find doctors based on location, specialty, ratings, fees, etc.

Seamless Consultation

Practo facilitates seamless doctor consultations through call, chat, and video modes integrated into the app and website. Users can conveniently consult top doctors 24×7 from their homes, explain symptoms, share reports, and receive diagnoses as well as e-prescriptions. 

Medicine Delivery 

Along with doctor consultations, Practo also lets patients order medicines by uploading prescriptions. It has partnered with verified pharmacies that deliver quality, authentic medicines at capped rates to the patient’s doorstep in just a few hours.  

Health Locker

Practo’s integrated Health Locker feature helps patients store their entire medical history including records, prescriptions, and test reports digitally in one place while keeping the data completely secure. This supports continuity of patient care.

Additional Services

Practo also facilitates lab tests at home, full body checkups through certified labs, and instant booking of doctor appointments. Users can access health tips authored by experts and get medication reminders as well. 

With a robust doctor base, telehealth capabilities, and supplementary health services on a single platform, Practo has become India’s most preferred one-stop healthcare app benefitting both patients and doctors through digital accessibility and delivery across the healthcare chain.

2. Lybrate – Connecting Patients with Top Doctors


Source: Google Play

Founded in 2012 by Saurabh Arora and Rahul Narang, Lybrate is India’s leading doctor-patient communication platform that seamlessly connects patients to top doctors across specialties through its website and mobile app.

100,000 Doctor Network 

Lybrate provides access to 1,00,000 highly skilled doctors registered with state medical councils and reputed medical associations practicing across various specialties – gynecology, neurology, general medicine, etc. in metro and non-metro cities.  

Online Patient Community

Patients can join Lybrate’s growing community of millions and connect with other users to share knowledge on medical problems, treatment outcomes, remedies, etc. in open forums moderated by health experts.  

Digital Health Profiles

Lybrate helps patients create and maintain health profiles for the whole family featuring medical history, records, and test reports that aid in accurate diagnosis during consultations. Health tips are provided basis the stored data.  

Instant Teleconsultation

After selecting the relevant doctor, patients can book online appointments and consult the doctor in a few steps via call, video, or chat integrated seamlessly within the app and website to enable real-time diagnosis and e-prescription.

By facilitating easy discovery of verified doctors across specializations and enabling prompt online consultations supplemented by health profiles and community support – Lybrate has provided quality healthcare access to the Indian masses boosting patient experience.

3. Netmeds – E-Prescriptions and Medicine Home Delivery


Source: Crest Infotech

Founded in 2010, Netmeds (owned by Netmeds Market Place Limited) has emerged as India’s most trusted online pharmacy by seamlessly integrating doctor consultations with medicine ordering and home delivery services through their user-friendly website and app.  

Instant Video Consultation

Netmeds allows patients to instantly consult verified in-house general physicians and specialists via video call integrated into the app. Patients can explain health concerns, and share previous prescriptions/reports for accurate diagnosis and e-prescription.

Prescription Upload and Processing  

Patients can simply upload their prescriptions within the Netmeds app to order medicines. Once placed, orders are processed at their various partnered med stores, and high-quality authentic medicines are packed and delivered to the patient’s address anywhere in India. 

Expansive Medicine Database

With over 2 lakh medicine options across a multitude of formulations and brands listed on their platform complying with stringent checks, Netmeds is serving as India’s Vast Online Medicine Super Store catering to the masses.

Value Added Services

Supplementing medicine ordering, NetMeds also offers users a comprehensive library covering health articles around medical problems, treatments, diet tips, lifestyle diseases as well as procedure videos to educate patients.

By enabling easy access to doctors, and facilitating seamless medicine ordering backed by delivery, Netmeds has pioneered the online pharmacy space merging convenience with genuine quality.

4. 1mg – A Full-Stack Healthcare App



Launched in 2015 by Gaurav Agarwal and Vikas Chauhan, 1mg has cemented its position as India’s largest digital healthcare platform providing end-to-end medical solutions spanning online doctor consultations, ordering medicines, booking health tests to maintaining electronic health records on a single app.

Instant Chat with Doctors

The 1mg app allows users to chat instantly with their in-house team of qualified doctors who provide consultation, share diet/lifestyle tips, and recommend testing/treatment if necessary basis the history shared. 

Seamless Lab Tests and Medicines  

Post diagnosis, the doctor generates lab test voucher codes up to 50% OFF enabling users to book health tests online spanning 70 centers. Medicine orders can also be seamlessly done by uploading prescriptions within the app.  

Robust Healthcare Tools

1mg app provides personalized health tools for managing expenses on tests/medicine, reminders for timely dosage, easy BMI trackers plus health risk assessment. Users also get tailored notifications on managing diseases and maintaining parameters within normal.

Complete Health Profiles

Users can create health profiles on the 1mg app capturing medical history and records over time spanning diagnostic reports, past prescriptions, doctor interactions, and health patterns enabling continuity of care with ease of discovering, consultation, testing, and ordering services.  

Owing to its integrated, end-to-end medical solutions, 1mg has evolved as India’s most comprehensive healthcare app benefiting consumers with the convenience of finding verified doctors, taking tests, and ordering cost-effective quality medicines securely on a single platform.

5. Apollo 24/7 – Apollo Hospitals’ Integrated Healthcare App

Apollo 24/7

Source: Google Play

Apollo 24/7 is the official consumer-facing app by Apollo Hospitals released in 2018 offering end-to-end medical services spanning online doctor consultation, testing/health checks, personalized care programs, and medicine ordering/delivery.

A panel of Certified Doctors

Users of Apollo 24/7 can access the platform’s panel of qualified doctors and specialists for health concerns, second opinions, or routine consultations via call/chat/video integrated seamlessly for a virtual clinic experience.

Diagnostic Tests and Health Packages

Post online consultation, doctors can share test recommendations if required. Users can book tests, health screens, and wellness packages from certified Apollo Labs and trained phlebotomists facilitate smooth home sample pickups.

Customized Care Programs 

Apollo’s AI engine assesses user health data and co-morbidities to generate tailored care programs for managing diabetes, weight, gut health, fertility health, elder care, etc. Users are assigned personal coaches to aid in program completion.

Medicine Orders and Delivery

The Apollo Pharmacy stores enable users to order medicines by uploading prescriptions. Medicines are sourced from credible manufacturers and delivered safely in protective packaging.  

By integrating their expansive doctor network with diagnostic tests, personalized care, and pharmacy – Apollo Hospitals has provided the Indian population with a seamless 24/7 healthcare platform via the Apollo 24/7 app enhancing both accessibility and affordability of quality medical services.

6. MediBuddy – Your Homegrown Medical Buddy 


Source: Google Play

Founded in 2015 by Satish Kannan, MediBuddy is a user-friendly app developed by DocsApp that offers patients unlimited online doctor consultations, medicine orders, and lab tests along with personalized care programs for holistic medical care.

Panel of 90,000+ Doctors

MediBuddy grants access to India’s largest verified doctor network spanning 90,000+ practitioners covering all specializations registered with state medical councils and reputed associations.

Round-The-Clock Medical Assistance

Via high-quality video and chat consultations integrated seamlessly, patients can connect with relevant specialists and general physicians 24×7 to explain health issues and share records for accurate diagnosis and e-prescription.  

Lab Tests and Home Collection

Users can book blood tests, and body checks sitting at home as the platform is integrated with certified labs facilitating sample pickups across India. Discounted combo health packages are also offered. 

Customized Health Plans 

Based on medical history and test reports, patients can receive customized health, diet, and fitness plans from specialty coaches to effectively manage lifestyle disorders and rehabilitation needs.

With a robust doctor network spanning both metros and small towns, accessible 24×7 care, medicine, and lab test services – MediBuddy has entrenched itself as India’s homegrown medical buddy fulfilling the healthcare needs of the masses affordably.


Online doctor consultation apps are bringing healthcare to the fingertips of Indian patients – anytime and anywhere. By merging convenience, affordability, and quality care, these digital health platforms are helping bridge the gap in access to doctors and essential healthcare services across the metro and non-metro populace. User-friendly interfaces, regional language support, and data security also assure confident adoption. As telemedicine solidifies its position in the Indian healthcare ecosystem, more service enhancements can be expected from these homegrown health-tech apps to serve the masses.