Thinking about owning a house? I know it can be a tough job to decide whether to buy a house or not, but the safest way into buying a house is to apply for a home loan. In this article, you will get to know the basics of a home loan.

data of people taking home loans in 2021 

A mortgage or a home loan is the amount you borrow from a bank or money lending company at a specific mortgage interest rate that you pay each month using EMI. Real estate will be taken over by money lenders as mortgage collateral.

Basics of home loans (1)
Basics of home loans (1)

 The number of loans that are granted can differ, banks may offer  90% of real estate costs as a loan. However, there are no general rules for this. Lenders consider a variety of factors, including repayment capacity, before agreeing to offer this type of loan.

The next question that comes to your mind is whether taking a home loan is necessary or not?

Until and unless you don’t know which mortgage or mortgage insurance product the lender sells, don’t buy. You can purchase these products at any time after due diligence is complete.

The penalty or the repayment has been prohibited by the RBI, however, The borrower repays the mortgage early. However, this is also true if mortgage rates fluctuate. If the mortgage interest rate is fixed, the bank can claim an early repayment penalty.

For transferring the home loan, there are no rules that prevent a borrower from transferring a mortgage. As a result, the borrower has the option of switching lenders if deemed appropriate. However, switching lenders is expensive. You will have to pay processing fees, stamp duty, legal costs, and other costs each time you run the process.