According to TechCrunch, Microsoft is set to release a new hybrid cloud platform, the “Azure Operator Nexus,” specifically designed for communication service providers. The platform is intended to help these partners upgrade their existing infrastructure and generate revenue while simultaneously reducing their overall ownership expenses.

The company’s vision is based on the concept that modern network infrastructure will enable telecommunication providers to enhance their services and monetize their current resources more effectively. By utilizing the Azure Operator Nexus, communication service providers can achieve a higher level of flexibility and scalability in their operations while also enhancing the overall efficiency of their systems.

This development highlights Microsoft’s continued commitment to the cloud and telecommunications industries, and it is expected to benefit both Microsoft and its partners in the long run. With the introduction of this new hybrid cloud platform, communication service providers are poised to benefit from improved infrastructure and operational cost savings, while Microsoft can expand its reach and deepen its impact on these sectors.

Microsoft’s new hybrid cloud platform, Azure Operator Nexus, will enable communication service providers to operate their carrier-grade workloads on both on-premises and on Azure. The platform has already gained the support of major telecommunication players such as AT&T, with Senior Vice President, Network CTO, Igal Elbaz, stating that they adopted the platform to lower their total cost of ownership, leverage AI to simplify operations, improve time-to-market, and focus on their core competency of building the best 5G service in the world.

Jason Zander, Microsoft’s EVP for Strategic Missions and Tech, explained that the platform is a combination of hardware, hardware acceleration, and software designed to provide telecommunication companies with a high level of flexibility and scalability in their operations. The Azure Operator Nexus platform will allow for efficient resource allocation, cost savings, and improved infrastructure that will result in enhanced services and revenue growth for telecommunication companies. Microsoft’s new hybrid cloud platform is expected to have a significant impact on the telecommunications industry, providing a powerful tool for companies looking to improve their operations and deliver exceptional service to their customers.

In addition to the Azure Operator Nexus platform, Microsoft is set to release two more solutions aimed at the telecommunications industry. The first is Azure Operator Voicemail, a service that allows operators to transfer their voicemail services to Azure as a fully managed solution. The second is Azure Communications Gateway, a service that connects fixed and mobile networks to Teams.

According to Microsoft’s EVP for Strategic Missions and Tech, Jason Zander, the launch of these solutions is a significant step towards addressing the challenges faced by telecommunications companies when it comes to operating their carrier-grade workloads. He added that Microsoft’s edge cloud hardware is not built to support these workloads, and it is this recognition that has driven the company’s multi-year investment in developing the Azure Operator Nexus platform.

By launching these solutions, Microsoft is providing telecommunication companies with the tools they need to improve their operations, reduce costs, and increase revenue. With the Azure Operator Nexus platform and related solutions, communication service providers can expect to see enhanced flexibility, scalability, and operational efficiency in their networks, all while delivering exceptional service to their customers.