Everyone is alive and has a purpose to fulfill in this world. Growing up, we might want to be scientists, scholars, doctors, software developers, real-estate moguls, teachers, entrepreneurs, and the list goes on. But when we grow up and get a sense of reality, thriving for a better tomorrow comes with a series of overwhelming thoughts. There is actually nothing definite that appears in front of us that might lead us to the goal we aim to achieve. Of course, it is our responsibility as humankind to go search for the opportunities we want to acquire. Business Outreach Magazine wants to share with you the journey of Anydegre.com, a platform for anyone and everyone who aspires to excel in their professional space of life. 


Anydegre.com is an artificial intelligence-powered talent and education marketplace and search engine. The company has the motto of ‘One Sign up, Multiple Access. The company has created a community of working professionals, freelancers, tutors, fresh graduates, academic centers and universities, and colleges to come and unite together for an inclusive platform for tomorrow’s visionaries. In today’s market, finding a job is indispensable for sustenance and a livelihood. With inflation skyrocketing and the cost of lifestyle soaring high, any individual from a seasoned professional to a fresh student out of college needs a job to pay their bills. 

Anydegre.com comes to this exact picture with the mindset of offering the right platform. People coming into the platform get acquainted with thousands of jobs and internship projects. Keeping in mind the urgency of proper education, Anydegre.com also provides the availability of tutors and academy centers, universities, and colleges, where aspirants can upskill and reskill themselves with online courses along with pursuing their desired higher education. Such a seamless process makes Anydegre.com, a hassle-free journey, where questions of career uncertainties get surely addressed. 

Anydegre.com was founded in the year 2022 by Girimurthy Shanmugam, with more than 12 years of experience in the Human Resources and Marketing industry. Girimurthy completed his undergraduate Bachelor of Commerce degree and Masters of Business Administration in Human Resources and Marketing from the Madras University in Chennai. Having very limited knowledge in technology and website development, Girimurthy faced several hurdles in setting up Anydegre.com. But with the cooperation of 20 invaluable members, the company started to gain traction towards success and recorded about 1 million registered users on its website. 

Anydegre.com is against sending continuous emails after individual signs up on their website. Rather, the company aims to deliver the right results and serve the reason they are being formed. The company offers a diverse package ranging from $ 50 to $ 5,000 that offers workshops, jobs, courses, exam preparation questionnaires, higher studies, availability of tutors and academic centers, and many more.  

The company was incubated at AIC Anna University located in Guindy, Chennai. Anydegre.com also signed agreements with more than 120 colleges which portray that this bootstrapped company has no signs of stopping. The company claims that more than 100 jobs are posted by employers on a daily basis and about 1,000 users get themselves registered every day. Girimurthy believes in the attitude that “Be humble and keep learning”, which has brought him and the company so far till now. Anydegre’s future objectives are to retain diverse users between the age of 5 years to 60 years and churn out to be the platform for the generations to come.