Delhi-based real estate developer Anant Raj Limited is making waves in the data center industry with plans to invest ₹10,000 crore in developing 300 MW data center facilities. Leveraging existing structures, their cost-effective approach sets them apart, making them a formidable player in India’s rapidly growing data center market.

Real estate developer Anant Raj Limited to develop 300 MW data center

Delhi-based real estate developer Anant Raj Limited has revealed its plan to invest ₹10,000 crores, in developing data center buildings with a capacity of 300 MW over the few years according to Amit Sarin, the company’s managing director.

Anant Raj Limited has already constructed three IT buildings in Manesar, Rai, and Panchkula in Haryana. Currently, they are working on transforming these structures into the state of the art data centers as Sarin shared during a media interaction.

“We are fortunate to have these existing buildings that can easily be adapted to meet the requirements of data centers. The initial phase of Manesar Park is already complete with a capacity of 21 MW. The entire project is designed to have a capacity of 50 MW ” explained Sarin.

Industry experts predict that there will be a demand for 20 million feet of data center space across key cities within the next four to five years.

“In Manesar, we can achieve a capacity of up to 50 MW. Rai has the potential for accommodating a 200 MW data centre while Panchkula can support, up to 50 MW well. We have started with Manesar and plan to convert buildings based on market demand ” added Sarin.

Experts estimate that each megawatt of data center capacity costs around ₹55 60 crores. However, Anant Raj is undertaking this endeavor at a cost of ₹25 crore, per MW leveraging its land ownership and existing infrastructure.

Operating in the realm of estate the company has established a subsidiary called Anant Raj Cloud Pvt. Ltd. To oversee its data center operations.

India is experiencing growth in the data center market given its status as the world’s fastest growing digital economy. It is projected that cloud spending will witness a compound growth rate of 30%. Notably, Mumbai leads with 45% of land transactions followed by Hyderabad (26%) and Pune (14%).

Having been established in 1969 as a construction firm Anant Raj has successfully undertaken projects, for government bodies including the Delhi Development Authority.