Amazon introduces a household robot: Astro, which can accomplish many small indoor tasks with the help of its advanced learning algorithm, which processes the information collected by artificial intelligence, camera lenses, and high-tech sensors.

Amazon Astro is a household robot, that’s built to be unusually helpful in many ways.

At first, along with hardware and software, it is built with Alexa, AI, and Computer vision. The robot has a 10.1” HD screen interface with a 5MP bezel camera. The device has a Periscope camera option which records at 1080p and has a 132° diagonal field of view and can raise to 42”. It also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with a Lithium-ion battery which charges around 45 mins with the company’s charger.

Amazon Astro Household Robot
Amazon Astro Household Robot

Astro can be considered as an additional family member because that’s how responsible it can be.

It can monitor the house for you. At home, it will hang around close by, and when called “Astro, follow me” it will accompany you where needed. You can ask it to play music, movies, or TV shows, or to make any calls – may it be voice or video chat – and many other functions Alexa can do, as it follows you around.

The robot uses ‘advanced learning algorithms’ and ‘sensor fusion’ to navigate itself throughout your house. With its navigation systems, it sends mapping information to the cloud, which Amazon process and creates your house map to provide a more efficient experience with Astro. It carefully manages to scoot around the floor without bumping on any obstacles, people, pets, or stairs. At other times, Astro will hang around nearby in low-traffic places. When needed it will guide itself to the charging point to fill up.

In case you are out and want to check up on your pet or your home, with the help of the Astro App, you can easily gain access to any corner of your home with the live view feature. Astro has a Periscope camera; with this function, you can widen your vision. You can also freely move the robot around from room to room. There’s also an option to sound a siren if you find anything suspicious.

Astro has a Visual ID function which helps it to keep track of everyone. This system comes in handy when you need to pass along a message or some snack, beverages, or any small object, it can identify that person and deliver.

Not only a responsible member but, it can also be the ‘Man of the house’. When away, it can identify an unknown face and ping you, and if Astra detects certain activity, such as glass breaking sound, smoke, or carbon monoxide alarms, it can notify you on your linked smartphone.

Amazon also brings Ring, a smart home security system, with its ‘Ring Protect Pro’ subscription, you receive more security functions. Astro can be tasked with scheduled patrols when away, even investigating unusual events. Recorded videos are uploaded at Ring’s cloud storage, which you can save, share and review for up to 60 days.

To protect your privacy, Amazon has provided a switch to turn off mics, cameras, and motion. If you want to you can prohibit Astro to wander off to certain places with the Astro App.

The company has advised not to use this device around children under 3 years and small pets.

Currently, it is sold at $999 to only US customers by invitation, to review the product.