Al Ghurair Centre knows that Christmas time is super important for businesses. Lots of people do their shopping during December to buy gifts and decorate. This holiday season is a big chance for the mall to make more money.

To attract customers, Al Ghurair Centre is putting on awesome activities and special offers. They want people to come have fun and play games while also doing their shopping. Research shows that when people are happy, they will buy more stuff! 

Al Ghurair Centre's Festive Windfall

 The Wonders and More! 

The mall is kicking things off with an epic “Spin to Win” event running every day from December 1st to 24th. At the centre of the mall is a ginormous advent calendar that everyone can see. Customers can spin the wheel there to instantly score cool prizes from shops. Prizes include gift cards to places like Marks & Spencer plus surprises from other stores in the mall.

Christmas Season

People need to spend at least 300 dirhams total at different stores to take part. This gets shoppers exploring all over to find things to buy. Maybe they see something new they like at another shop! The mall owners hope customers will keep spending more money to earn more chances to spin the wheel. 

Revealing a new prize daily makes it exciting to see what’s next. As the days countdown to Christmas, the prizes get even better like electronics or Adidas gear. Who wouldn’t want to come back each day for the chance to win?! 

Santa, Sale and Spreadsheet

Kids are also a big deal. Santa is visiting from December 15th-25th so families can create memories having their photo taken with him. Parents are happy to pay for pictures to frame because kids nag them a bunch. 

Santa, Sale and Spreadsheet

Stores all around are slashing prices too. Up to 25% off means people feel like they’re saving money so they’re more likely to splurge on other items while they’re at it. Brands want huge crowds to see their sales and buy more stuff. 

With activities for everyone, more people will come. Young children get to see Santa and treats. Teenagers head to fun places with discounts like 25% off at the arcade. Adults enjoy exclusive spa and restaurant deals. The mall hopes return visits continue after holidays end too.

Fun and Financial Boost! 


Their big Christmas plan costs a lot between decorations, prizes, paying performers and renting Santas. But Al Ghurair Centre thinks it will bring in so much extra cash that it’s worth it. Even a small 10% boost in sales would make all the spending worth it.

In the end, they just want everyone to have an amazing time while also doing a ton of shopping this festive season! Busy shops means the mall makes more money from tenants paying rent too. Their magic Christmas wonderland seems guaranteed to be a huge success.