AirMDR, a leading AI-powered cybersecurity company, raises $5 million in a seed funding round led by Foundation Capital and Storm Ventures, a move to boost its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services by integrating advanced AI for robust cybersecurity solutions.

AI-Driven Cybersecurity


Current valuation of the MDR market is $3 billion, and it is set to double in the next year, further emphasizing the rise in demand for efficient solutions regarding threat detection and response. The reason for growth is evident: organizations are challenged to efficiently handle the increasing number of security alerts and threats in a world where security talent is seriously lacking.

The way the company has tackled this problem is by using an innovative approach, with the help of AI virtual analysts doing 80% to 90% of the tasks that have been traditionally done by human analysts. These virtual analysts use Natural Language Processing to answer questions, learn facts, and carry out tasks at speed and with accuracy. This will allow the automated playbooks, developed by AirMDR, to execute investigation, triage, response, and containment processes in less than five minutes, rather than the usual hour taken by human analysts to do this.

If one were to take the help of AI virtual analysts to run a SOC internally, the cost annually would be over a million dollars, which most companies cannot afford. However, AirMDR’s AI technologies are much more cost-effective, reducing automation costs by 10-20 times while still offering high-quality threat management services.

The extensive integration, off the shelf, that the AirMDR technology presently supports is over 200, taking care of the varied needs of various business tech stacks, ensuring that 90% of the customer requirements are met. This is far in excess of what is normally done by MDR providers.

This is supplemented by the rich experience of the company’s leadership, which includes CEO Kumar Saurabh, CTO Srikant Vissamsetti, Chief Product Officer Anand Ramanathan, and CMO Carolyn Crandall, derived from other tech companies like ArcSight, SumoLogic, McAfee, and SentinelOne. With an experienced team at the helm, AirMDR will have all that’s necessary to revolutionize cybersecurity with AI.

With ever-changing security threats, the AI-native approach of AirMDR is bound to optimize and make security operations more effective than ever. By automating routine tasks, AirMDR enables human analysts to focus on critical incidents, with the product at the forefront of fundamentally shifting views in the cybersecurity market.

This helps strengthen AirMDR’s AI capacity to deliver cybersecurity at a faster and lower cost rate. Acting at speeds no human analyst could rival, AirMDR will be able to meet the ever-increasing demand for cybersecurity needs from organizations, mainly small and middle-sized businesses.