WhatsApp is set to release a new feature that will allow group directors to remove messages for all members of a group in the near future.

WhatsApp is said to be developing a slew of new features to improve the user experience. The messaging app will soon introduce a new feature that will allow group administrators to erase communications for all members of their group. Regardless of the number, group admins will have the ability to delete communications that do not align with the group’s beliefs. They have the option of removing the message before it is seen by everyone.

Wabetainfo has announced via Twitter that Android users will soon be able to remove messages in a group on WhatsApp. “In a future release of WhatsApp beta for Android, if you are a group admin, you will be able to remove any message for everyone in your groups,” the post adds. When a group admin deletes a message, a note saying “This was deleted by an admin” appears, according to an image given by WhatsApp features tracker. This will also aid other members in determining which administrator deleted the message.

It will be easy for group admins to delete vulgar or inappropriate communications once the feature is implemented. It would also assist administrators in eliminating messages that are in violation of the rules.

WhatsApp was rumored to be working on expanding the time limit for the ‘Delete Message for Everyone’ feature just a few days ago. Currently, users can only delete a message once it has been sent for one hour, eight minutes, and sixteen seconds. Users will soon be able to delete messages sent to everyone seven days after they were sent.

WhatsApp has a tracker feature. According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is aiming to change the duration restriction in a future version to 7 days and 8 minutes. It was previously anticipated that WhatsApp might remove the time limit and allow users to delete messages for everyone, even after hours, days, or years had passed after they were sent. However, WhatsApp is now widely used.