Millions of SMB/SME’s worldwide are challenged, managing their cloud with expensive or no support and no good solutions. In this digital era, when websites play a vital role in business building, so does the hosting for e-commerce & high-traffic websites.
Infrastructure as a service provider do not provide monitoring or even server management. Entrepreneurs, start-ups & small-scale businesses end up in serious trouble if they have an issue with their cloud and their go-to person is not available at that time. Most of these companies sets up their cloud using one of their self-help articles. Experts in cloud-managed are not just expensive but also hard to find. Now, this is the pain point of SME’s/SMB’s FlexiCloud addresses.
FlexiCloud has solved this problem by a combination of their platform, domain expertise and superior team to creating a frictionless experience with loyal customers worldwide. A web hosting company working towards providing affordable and reliable web hosting services utilizing the latest technologies, this name has emerged as one of the best in the indsutry. Flexicloud was founded in 2015 with desire to provide world-class, no-nonsense hosting to everyone. Flexicould is fast, secure and uses the latest technologies to provide the best hosting experience.
Founded by Vinod, FlexiCloud takes sufficient pride in ensuring customer satisfaction. The idea struck Vinod when he realised FlexiCloud that there are still a lot of people who need to be on cloud but cannot migrate to it, because of the lack of technical expertise and the expensive nature of the cloud experts. FlexiCloud was awarded the most promising ‘Startup in IT domain’ from Kerala for its immense scale up and growth in the hosting industry. This recognition has been given to only 500 startups across India for being the best in their verticals.
FlexiCloud is an expert to managing one’s cloud. It provides a platform for the clients to host their apps on the cloud easily with an in-house support team. They help customers in enhancing their business growth with reliable managed cloud hosting services. It deploys the best servers and the best technologies to host applications to deliver the speed that clients are looking for on the apps. With a cumulative experience of more than 30 years in the industry, the team understands know hosting inside–out.
Anooja Bashir, the Co-founder with her more than two decade of experience in Corporate industry manages the complete marketing & sales strategies of FlexiCloud. She is one of acclaimed woman entrepreneurs who had received so many awards for her domain expertise & leadership skills. Anooja has been a integral part for growing FlexiCloud along with Vinod. The Duo with marketing -techie combo has really made a mark in the industry. The team is looking to scale up FlexiCloud to the next level by expanding their global presence.
With a top-notch support department – they provide free, timely and expert support for all their clients on any of the cloud that they are on! They have instilled a separate department who keep on looking on what is happening around the cloud industry and ensure that the latest technologies are adopted and end users can benefit from these developments in the industry.
FlexiCloud is trying to bring all public clouds under one umbrella, and offer various products that the cloud providers provide at a predictable pricing and with full support. To start with, FlexiCloud is presently focusing only on virtual machines from various providers. Their cloud starts from 500 INR per month, and goes up to tens of thousands per month, depending on what is the client use case.
FlexiCloud can set up servers across the world and in 45+ locations. A client can choose the location and choose what size of server they need and what application they need to be installed on the server. Presently, they are supporting WordPress, Magento, NodeJS Laravel and many more. Vinod aims to expand the current business to North American and European markets and the GCC by this year.