According to a report from late last year, Foxconn intends to hire 53,000 more people over the following two years.

One of Apple’s top suppliers, Foxconn, has chosen to double its workforce in India. Through his LinkedIn profile, the company’s representative in India released a statement to the public.

On Sunday, V Lee, a representative of Foxconn in India, made the announcement as he wished Prime Minister Modi a happy 73rd birthday. At its Tamil Nadu facility, the Taiwan-based iPhone manufacturer already employs 40,000 people. Regarding his announcement on Sunday, Lee made no numerical mentions. 

The biggest electronics contract manufacturer in the world right now is Foxconn. Since the company has rapidly increased the size of its manufacturing facilities in India’s southern states, India is one of the company’s upcoming markets. The company wants to become less dependent on China as the global geopolitical climate continues to deteriorate.  

V Lee wrote on LinkedIn, “Happy Birthday, Respected PM. Foxconn’s expansion into India has gone smoothly and quickly thanks to your leadership. 

Next year, we plan to put even more effort into giving you a bigger birthday gift by doubling employment, FDI, and business size in India.

Foxconn intends to hire 53,000 more people over the next two years, according to a Reuters report from late last year, increasing its workforce in India to about 70,000. Two Indian government officials were quoted in the report. 

Foxconn will invest $600 million in two projects in the state, Karnataka announced in August. These initiatives will concentrate on producing iPhone casing components and machinery for chip manufacturing.

Foxconn Chairman Liu Young-way expressed his optimism about India’s potential during an earnings briefing last month. He claimed that the multibillion dollar investment is only the beginning.