Ms. Minal Anand is a young millennial entrepreneur and the founder of her first venture, GuruQ, a digital integrated platform that connects tutors and students with ease. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer, she is the innovator at GuruQ, an Ed-Tech platform that promises to bring high-quality standards and new age methodologies to the way education is delivered in India. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the School of Management at Boston University, Minal worked on several eclectic projects at companies like Franklin Templeton, Citigroup, and HPL Additives to gain relevant experience in business planning, pitching for funding, enterprise design, and structuring and talent management.

A Lady with the vision to enlighten the Indian Education System
MS. Minal Anand

Minal completed her degree at Boston University in three years instead of the designated four with a sparkling alacrity to join the professional world where she could apply theories to real-life situations. She returned to India to join Delhi-based HPL Additives as Assistant Manager – Corporate Development. However, the urge to do something in the field of education drove Minal to explore the ed-tech sector – one of India’s most prolific segments. She had previously taught several underprivileged school students and it is this very experience that helped her with the business idea.

Minal sees the importance of equipping tutors with the latest teaching methodologies and keeping them updated with international and national innovations. Her quest for doing something innovative made her delve deeper, understand the challenges, and create a platform that would revolutionize the education system. Hence, she conceptualized GuruQ as a single, simplified & cohesive ed-tech platform that provides online and offline tutoring and designed it based on insights drawn from comprehensive consumer research to address the need-gap for quality tutors.

GuruQ is a New Delhi-based one-of-its-kind digital platform that connects tutors and students was founded with the core objective of creating a conducive for quality education. GuruQ is forever on the lookout for enthusiastic and experienced tutors with the right aptitude and attitude. They ensure that the best tutors are selected and are run through proper training on teaching and technology to guide students.