Chairwomen are habitual to handle the multi-tasking cycle well, although, the critical times of now need entrepreneurs to exercise various channels through unpredictable curves and bends. It is the event to be extremely alert, springy and versatile. 

Now let us read and explore ways for women entrepreneurs to turn the Covid crisis into an opportunity-

7 ways women entrepreneurs can turn the Covid crisis into an opportunity

1Establish a crisis management team

Floating through a crisis is more reliable with a team. A team should incorporate the administrators of multiple departments as well as their chief people. If you can cord in external advisors for spheres outside your expertise, that will enhance this team. There are numerous advantages of forming this team, that is – culpability, concentrate on working rather than pondering, and precise response with an explanation to the difficulties. Individuals in this team would be more exposed to learning, practice and understanding situations. 

2. Magnifying the communications efficiently

Openness and clarity in communication will be supreme at this stage. Transparency is the key. Address everyone that the circumstances are flowing and the company’s preferences may change now and then. A strong and crystalline communication system will assist you in releasing everyday obstructions. Transparency encourages people to get and give comfort during crises. Open communication will aid you in determination making. 

3Plan the emergency fund

Enterprises are always on the movement, from one project to another. Small firms mostly work on the border. With the Covid crisis, many of the companies have determined the benefit of emergency funds. Though we have no idea how long-drawn this crisis will serve, it is desirable to enhance the liquid fund for an extra few months. 

4. Mapping for each day

Obscurity causes dread along with it. Current situations have made women heads take a step back and believe the situation would automatically turn back to normal. Well, nothing is permanently yet, this time invites in for strength and action. Being quick to move priorities and act as per the obstacle is the solution. Obscurity can be dealt with compliance, coordination, focus and preparation. Occasions sometimes come in the guise of a crisis. 

5. Service the spurs for improvement

Many businesses are under-utilizing their sources due to the dearth of transparency of their leaders. Every move that can take your company behind to the road of improvement starts with your accuracy. 

Most of the B2B businesses have been about real appearance meetings. The covid-19 crash has led to scarcer interpersonal communications. This time should be completely practised to advance your business online. Women entrepreneurs have often signified the desire to do business meetings essentially which will provide them more freedom for life and other work. This is the future. Use the occasion to get habitual to the new natural and move your work online. There has been no greater time than today for this mega shift.

6. Best opportunity to push B2B e-commerce

 B2C, B2B businesses have always been more about exchange greetings and offline meetings. The brawl of Covid-19 has tiled the much-needed access for the extension of B2B e-commerce. Previously, in the last five years, B2B startups in India have more than tripled from 900 to 3,200 and the number is increasing. 

7. Adapt your sales for digital headships

We all are unaware and do not know when the Covid crisis will be done and it will be delicate to meet without any distancing. First, the prevailing clients may be depleted with demands. Second, you have to operate double duty to learn how to produce demands from new ones with new requirements. Use digital tools widely for facilitating communications, discovering your expertise and then re-creating a sales funnel for creating leads.