The cloud-based roaming lab for 5G tests by Tata Communications the experience of using mobile devices abroad by carefully observing traffic flow and network utilization.

“Connectivity is a key ingredient in today’s fast-paced digital world. An internet that is fast, secure, and available at all times is of paramount importance to customers, whether they are individuals or an enterprise. We are excited to introduce our newest capability in 5G roaming testing ensuring MNO customers are receiving proven services,” said Mysore Madhusudhan, executive vice president of collaboration and connected solutions at Tata Communications. “By ensuring that the tests can take place across geographies, enhances the flexibility available to MNOs for delivering superior and agile services.”

The cloud-based 5G roaming laboratory, which was launched by telecom company Tata Communications on Wednesday, would allow mobile network operators to test 5G standalone network use cases before making the service available to their users. Using “the potential of 5G to help reimagine mobility experiences for mobile network operators,” the startup claimed to do.

The cloud-based 5G roaming lab closely monitors traffic flow and network utilization as it tests the worldwide mobile roaming experience. The business claimed that while a user is roaming, lab tests obtain an unbiased performance rating across networks involved in the exchange process. This also covers internet trials and onboarding on the fast, dependable, and latency-free 5G standalone network.

A global omnichannel integrated communication services provider with proprietary platforms that allow targeted personalization through messaging, video, and push notification, Kaleyra, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, was the subject of the company’s acquisition announcement in June. Additionally, Tata Communications said that it will pay Rs 99.3 crore to purchase the remaining 41.9% of the eSIM startup OSSE France. Following the acquisition, the 100% equity interest in Oasis Smart SIM Europe would be acquired by the Singapore-based subsidiary of Tata Communications, Tata Communications International Pte (TCIPL).