Vedantu is on schedule to be ready for an IPO in 18-24 months

Vedantu stated that it is now properly funded and does not foresee any further funding requirements in the next two years. Last year, the company collected $100 million from a group of investors, putting it into the coveted unicorn club.

“We aim to be IPO-ready in 18-24 months,” Vamsi Krishna, CEO, and co-founder of Vedantu said at a virtual briefing. “That implies the shape of our P&L (Profit and Loss), our systems and associated procedures, we want to be robust and mature in those.”

Individual and group sessions are available in the K-12 and test preparation segments at Vedantu. On the app or website, students can enroll in solo or group classes. Classes are offered in an interactive online learning environment in real-time.