Top 12 Startups In Dubai: Changing Industries From HR & Payroll To Logistics And Fintech

As with many Dubai businesses today, meet Bayzat, the first mover in this field, which is simply changing the way firms manage these critical functions through its cutting-edge cloud-based platform.

Careem, the Dubai-based and worldwide multimodal super app is available to more than 70 cities spread across the Middle East, Africa, and the South-Asian regions in which the company also serves.

Ziina is a digital wallet on the mobile phone, which can be customized to meet the user’s individual payment needs. It brings the denomination of credit or debit cards in use for money transfer between peers.

During June 2021, Opontia mastered a fund of around US$20 as seed funding with Government Founders Capital, Presight Capital, Raed Ventures, and Kingsway Capital as fund backers.

The Vezeeta is a frontier digital healthcare platform that provides a tool required to stay informed and enabled on the way of patients’ health yet through adept use of data and technology.

Fetchr is a logistics company that specializes in shipment services, both from globalised and localized routes, through developing advanced technologies for each transportation trip.