Top 10 Cybersecurity Trends to Keep Your Business Ahead in 2024

Cybersecurity has been revolutionized by the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in strategic plans.

Today, Internet of Things refers to a concept that is no longer limited to being simply a hype.

Another trend dominant in the global job market in 2024 is flexible working as more companies experience the effect of global events, switching to remote work.

As we are going back to 2024 the field of quantum computing is rapidly evolving. This is not a trivial advancement at the level of concepts and theories; it has profound implications for cybersecurity.

Even in the year 2024, phishing attacks are still very much prevalent, and these are considered to be one of the oldest tricks among cybercriminals.

By 2024, our portable communication tools are no longer simple, portable phones, but smart handheld devices, we cannot survive without.