Tata Motors Set to Boost Electric Vehicle Manufacturing in Tamil Nadu

A recent media report confirmed that Tata Motors agreed to electrify its vehicle manufacturing in the state of Tamil Nadu.

It has been disclosed by analysts that the automobile giant is in the process of starting a new factory in Ranipet that will mainly produce EV, states the report.

Previously there was a mutual understanding (MOU) agreement between Tata Motors and the Tamil Nadu Government to invest almost Rs. Attributing Rs 9,000 crore to the state.

The project provides the proposed Ranipet facility of 2,00,000 in initial units generated per year.

This decision is both course and timely coming at the back of efforts by the two countries to conclude a credible free trade treaty.

That Tata Motors will be local body EV producer and take any preferential trade terms Tata Motors will be eligible for.